Why Do Homes With Solar Panels Sell Faster in the Philippines?

What are some of the reasons why homes with solar panels sell faster in the Philippines?

  1. Lower energy bills
  2. Improved energy efficiency
  3. Higher property value
  4. Positive environmental impact

It’s not surprising that more and more people in the Philippines are choosing to power their homes with solar panels. Not only is solar energy environmentally friendly but it boasts many benefits along the way.

Homes equipped with solar panels in the Philippines offer a distinct advantage that has not been widely discussed, which is the ability to sell their properties at a faster rate. In this blog post, we will dive into the reasons why. Keep reading to learn more!

Lower Energy Bills

Traditional energy sources, like coal and natural gas, have become more costly over time, prompting homeowners to look for alternative methods of lowering their energy costs. In the long run, this will lead to lower electric bills for the entire household.

Solar panels provide residents with an alternate power source of electricity. With solar power, they won’t need to worry about their electricity bill skyrocketing because this comes for free once they have the solar panel and equipment properly installed.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Buyers increasingly look for energy-efficient homes as a means of saving money on energy bills and decreasing environmental impact.

One good reason that houses with solar panels sell faster in the Philippines is that they tend to be more energy-efficient homes. How did they do this? Once hooked up to a solar panel system, the entire household becomes less dependent on the electrical grid since they get their energy from natural resources now.

Aside from that, solar-powered homes may feature improved insulation that keeps temperatures lower during the summer and may contain energy-efficient appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners that help further lower energy usage.

Higher Property Value

It’s no secret that more and more people are trying to become more environmentally conscious. While doing so, they also try to find ways to lessen expenses, and this includes the electricity bill. That’s why the demand for solar panels has become higher.

So, installing solar panels allows homeowners to reduce their reliance on traditional energy, making this an attractive feature to potential homebuyers looking for eco-friendly homes that are sustainable.

This increase in demand is what increases the property value of homes with solar panels. Many want to experience the many positive environmental benefits this system has. However, house buyers should take note that this is not the only factor in the price of a house. You need to still factor in the location of the house and the quality of the panel.

Positive Environmental Impact

Positive Environmental Impact

What many may about solar energy is that it plays a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the long run. It helps reduce our carbon footprint while we protect our environment and mitigate climate change.

With the increasing awareness of the need for sustainable living, homebuyers are becoming more inclined to invest in homes that offer renewable energy sources such as solar panels. This is because such homes offer long-term cost savings, a positive environmental impact, and a high degree of energy efficiency.

Why Should You Choose Solaric as Your Solar Provider in Your Homes?

Boasting over 25 years of lifespan and high-quality solar panels backed by 25-year power output guarantees and 10-year product warranties, Solaric’s team of expert installers ensures seamless installations while offering outstanding service throughout.

Solaric, as a premier solar provider in the Philippines, is committed to offering every Filipino household clean and sustainable energy systems throughout the nation at reasonable prices that can start only at 60k with our home solution packages that make switching to solar energy accessible for homeowners.

Our clients consistently recognize us as the best solar panel brand in the Philippines, having installed more residential rooftop solar systems than other companies combined. We take great pride in offering the most cutting-edge solar technology, combined with outstanding customer support and service.

Solaric has pioneered Net Metering, a utility rate program offered by Meralco that allows our clients to experience #ZerBill homes. Through this initiative, excess energy produced from their solar panels can be sold back into the grid at significant returns on investment, providing significant returns. We currently hold the highest market share for Meralco’s net metering program within the Philippines demonstrating our dedication.

Key Takeaway

Now you know why homes equipped with solar panels in the Philippines sell faster for various reasons. Solar technology continues to become more affordable and more homes will adopt this renewable source of energy, which are all highly desirable features among any potential buyers and will benefit any homeowners in the long run.

Don’t wait any longer to start reaping the benefits of solar energy in your home, start installing solar panels in your home today! Contact us and our team will collaborate with you to evaluate your energy requirements and design a custom solar energy system just for your home.


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