The Basics of Solar Panel Installation


Switching to a sustainable lifestyle is a switch that many people are making. This is because these people see the importance in caring for the environment. Sustainable lifestyle refers to a lifestyle that tries to reduce one’s negative impact on the environment and overall lessens their use of the Earth’s natural resources.

One of the popular ways to switch to green living is by going solar, this could mean installing solar panels on your roof. Committing to a greener lifestyle requires extensive research and there are various things that you need to consider first. Here’s a simple guide that contains all the essential things you need to know before and after you install solar panels on your roof.


Essential Things to Know Before Installing Solar Panels


  • Can Your Roof Support Solar Panels? – The kind of roof you have is the first thing you need to consider when going solar. Do you have a stable roof that can support solar panels? Does it have enough solar windows to maximize the solar panels? Consider these questions before installing solar panels on your roof.


Apart from these things, make sure that your roof is in good shape. In case it does need renovation, do it immediately before the installation of solar panels. This way, you will save time and money from disconnecting the solar panels in case you do need to renovate it. Furthermore, examine the angle of your roof. The tilt of your roof can determine the performance of your solar panel system. Having the tilt of your panels at the same angle as your latitude will make sure they are optimized.


  • Determine the Amount of Energy You Need – It is also important to determine the amount of energy you consume monthly before purchasing solar panels. Every household operates differently which means they consume energy at different rates. Doing this will help you decide how many solar panels you will need to sustain your monthly electricity consumption.


  • Assess Installation Costs – Do research and assess how much the installation of solar panels will cost. Although there are various affordable solar panel installations in the Philippines, the cost of its installation may be your biggest expense when you decide to adapt a greener lifestyle. Knowing how much you will spend can help you decide what type of solar panel system you will choose. This will give you a better idea on your budget and how you adjust it.


  • What Type of Solar Panel Suits Your Need? – The advancement in technology brings you the option to choose from different types of solar panels. Several solar panel providers offer different types of solar panels that will cater to different needs and budget. Some offers frameless solar panels, some provides high-performing models that can endure wind loads. Hence, make sure to examine the different kinds of solar panels that will fit the needs of your home.


Tips and Tricks in Cleaning and Maintaining Solar Panels

Going solar does not end in the purchase and installation of solar panels on your roof. After installation, you have to clean and maintain your solar panels to ensure it performs at optimal levels and for a long period of time.


  • Purchase a Solar Panel Cleaning Kit – Cleaning your solar panels is not the same as you how you clean other home furniture. You need to purchase a specific cleaning kit for it. The cleaning kit should consist of a liquid soap, a wiper, and different size of brushes.


  • Install a Solar Panel Monitoring System – A solar panel monitoring system lets you monitor and see the performance of your solar panels. This system will show you information how you help the environment, such as the lower amount of CO2 emissions. Moreover, monitoring system can guide you on the areas of the solar panel system that need repair.


Going solar has been one of the easiest ways to reduce our carbon footprint and adapt to a sustainable lifestyle. Knowing these simple tips and reminders will surely help you when you finally decided to go solar. After you read this guide, next step you need to do is choose the best solar panels provider, such as Solaric to help you in choosing the solar panel solutions for you.


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