Solar Panel Setup From Solaric

The Philippines has one of the highest electricity bills in Southeast Asia. Due to this, Filipinos have been accustomed to avoiding turning on their ACs — even when the weather is scorching hot. The good news is, a solar panel setup can bring home a myriad of benefits. From cutting down monthly electric bills, saving the environment, to increasing the value of your home, we’re here to tell you why investing in a solar panel setup is worth it!

Solar energy has become more and more popular lately, especially now that the cost of solar panel installation is decreasing year after year. At Solaric, we turn on the sun to offer economically-sensible and environmentally-friendly solar panel setup for Philippine households.

Solar Panel Setup from Solaric

What is a Solar Panel Setup?

Back in 1839, Edmond Becquerel founded solar panels after experimenting with damp cells, which he later found out that their voltage is increasing when exposed to sunlight.

A solar panel setup refers to installing solar panels on your roof. Through solar power, you can meet your daily energy needs and achieve the Zero Bill. The grid tie system utilizes solar as the first priority power during the daytime. This cuts down electric bills because you rely less on the electricity from the grid.

If your grid tie solar system has excess energy produced that is not used during the daytime, it is automatically exported as surplus power. This can be exchanged for credits through net metering. Once you offset your nighttime energy usage, you can have that Zero Bill.

At Solaric, we have challenged people’s carbon footprint through solar panel setup initiatives. Backed by decades of experience, Solar is a solar company in the Philippines that has installed more than 50% residential rooftop solar across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Learn more about how we help every Filipino enjoy the benefits of clean power and electricity bill reductions through solar panel setup.

Appropriate Space

Selecting the appropriate space for roof-mounted solar panels is crucial for optimal energy generation. Ideally, the chosen roof should receive abundant sunlight throughout the day, ensuring maximum exposure to sunlight. A south-facing orientation is often preferred, as it captures sunlight for the longest duration. The roof structure should also be robust enough to support the weight of the solar panels.

Solar Power Inverter

A solar power inverter is a heart or center processing unit for solar panel setup. It functions by converting the direct current (DC) solar output PV system into an alternating current (AC). With the help of this inverter, it feeds AC into your home to turn on the power to all your items that require electricity such as gadgets and electronic appliances.

Mounting Structure

For roof-mounted solar panels, a robust and secure mounting structure is necessary. Specifically tailored to rooftops, this structure ensures the panels are firmly held in place, optimizing exposure to sunlight. The design must align with the characteristics of the roof, providing stability and durability. Solaric's expertise in roof-mounted installations ensures the meticulous selection and installation of an appropriate mounting structure.

Reliable Installer

Engaging a professional installer is crucial for a seamless solar panel setup. Attempting a DIY approach, particularly with limited knowledge, may consume valuable time and effort, potentially leading to costly mistakes. Opting for professional services not only eliminates the hassle but also guarantees a well-executed solar panel setup. Choosing Solaric ensures a reliable and efficient installation process. Our experienced professionals bring a wealth of expertise, ensuring precision and adherence to industry standards.

Grid Connection

Grid Connection is crucial for a rooftop solar panel setup, especially in grid-tied systems. It ensures that excess solar power generated by rooftop panels can be shared with the electrical grid, possibly earning you credits or compensation. This simple connection makes your rooftop solar system work hand-in-hand with the grid, allowing you to both use and contribute solar energy.

How is a Solar Panel Set Up Done?

Embarking on a solar panel setup with Solaric involves meticulous planning, as several crucial factors shape the process. From selecting the appropriate location to configuring the mounting structure and ensuring a seamless grid connection, our step-by-step approach ensures a comprehensive and efficient setup.

Consultation and Site Assessment

Before initiating a setup, Solaric conducts a thorough consultation and site assessment. Our experts engage with you to understand your energy needs, assess your roof's solar potential, and discuss your preferences. This personalized consultation allows us to tailor the solar solution to your specific requirements. The on-site assessment involves evaluating your roof's orientation, tilt, and shading conditions to optimize solar exposure.

Pick A Solar Panel System

Once your site is assessed, the next step in the solar panel setup journey with Solaric is selecting the ideal solar panel system. Our experts guide you through various options, considering factors like energy needs, available space, and budget. Whether it's grid-tied, off-grid, or hybrid systems, we ensure a tailored solution. We help you choose from our high-quality solar panels, selecting the ones that best match your energy goals.


With Solaric, the installation phase of the setup is executed with precision and expertise. Our seasoned professionals handle the entire installation process, ensuring that the solar panels are securely and optimally mounted on your roof. Adhering to industry best practices and safety standards, our team brings proficiency to every step, from wiring to connection with the chosen inverter.

Register In A Net Metering Program

Complete your solar journey by registering for Net Metering. This crucial step allows you to sell surplus energy generated by your solar panels back to the utility grid, creating a valuable investment. Beyond achieving a Zero Bill, Net Metering enables you to contribute to the energy grid, promoting sustainable practices.

What Makes Solaric’s Solar Panel Setup Better Than Its Competitors

As the most recognized solar energy company in the Philippines, Solaric has set up solar panels throughout the Philippines all over Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao with thousands of satisfied clients as seen in our track records, topnotch after sales, and Solaric’s team of expert installers.

Solar Panel

Track Records

When it comes to solar panel systems, Solaric needs no introduction. Our track record speaks for itself. We are the holder of the most number of rooftops installed compared to any other solar company in the Philippines. As well as Meralco’s largest chunk of net metering pie.

Topnotch After Sales Service

Solaric has never dissatisfied a client for 10 years in the business as we make sure to answer all inquiries, and complaints concerning a solar panel setup, and more.

Solaric’s Team Of Expert Installers

We have over 50 in-house professional installers that are licensed electrical engineers, an R&D team, and NABCEP-Certified solar engineers. With their decades of experience and expertise, we make sure to provide everything you need for your solar panel setup.

Experience The Best Solar Panel Setup From Solaric Today!

Now that we’ve provided all the details about solar panel setup, it’s now your turn to contribute to our environment by installing one in your home or business.

As the leading solar energy company in the Philippines, Solaric has decades of expertise in the industry and has set up more than 50% of residential rooftop solar panels in the country. We are the king of rooftop solar in the Philippines. Experience the best solar panel setup from Solaric today!.

Want to start your #renewable journey today? Give us a call at 75040092 or 09178603141 or 09083775577, email or visit We will gladly explain to you how the system works, or schedule a survey so we can give you options for your new home or existing homes or businesses. At Solaric, we Turn on the Sun.


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