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If you’ve never heard of solar panel mounting brackets in the Philippines, we have all that you need to know. Alternative energy is becoming more and more abundant in the world today, and one of the best options is solar power. Solar power or photovoltaics (PV) is harnessed through solar panels. Simply put, solar panels have to be mounted on different surfaces to be installed almost anywhere.

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What are Solar Panel Mounting Brackets For?

Solar panels are collect energy from the sun and transform it into electricity. Though it involves complicated technology, the panels themselves are not the only crucial parts of the system.

As the name suggests, they are used for the installation of solar panels. Solar panel mounting brackets in the Philippines vary in size, shape, and durability. These brackets are secured on whatever surface, usually rooftops, the solar panels are being installed to. Then the solar panels are attached to the mounting brackets.

In the Philippines, there are more reasons to give the mounting brackets more attention than usual.

Importance of Solar Panel Mounting Brackets in the Philippines

How Install Solar Roof

Mounting brackets are where you put the solar power equipment on. But why should you take special care of your solar panel mounting brackets in the Philippines?


Natural Disasters

Any Filipino would be well aware that our country is prone to typhoons. Each year, around 20 typhoons hit the Philippines, and some of them have devastating effects. They have been known to destroy houses, flood whole towns, and overall cause a disaster. If you had a solar roof in the Philippines, they would be tested in a typhoon setting. Having good solar panel mounting brackets in the Philippines may prevent further damages to your PV system.

Recently, we have been hit by earthquake after earthquake, slowly shifting the foundations of our houses. Weaker solar panel mounting accessories might succumb to its movements. That’s why only the best and most durable must be used.

Powerful Capacity

House Design

The design of the house, along with where you want to place your PV system, are important factors to the solar panel installation. Here in our country, you could have surfaces that are sloped, made of unusual material, or other unexpected obstacles. We usually encounter GI sheets, shingles, and clay tiles as well.

Having good solar panel mounting brackets in the Philippines would easily solve this problem. Make sure that when you select your mounting accessories, you do it with regard to the house, or with the assistance of professionals from Solaric.

Easily Rechargable

Abundance of Solar Power

We live in a tropical country where the strength of the sun can be experienced almost every day. This is a good condition for solar panels to maximize efficiency. But you should know how to position your panels to get as much solar power as possible. They have to face a certain direction with an angle that would make the sunlight perpendicular to the panels.

For rooftop installations, since they are usually sloped in our country, simple rail mounts might be used. It depends on the slope of the roof and other factors. More solar panel mounting accessories are needed to get the most solar power on flat surfaces.

Solar panel mounting brackets in the Philippines can be designed to face whichever direction you would like. Some say that facing your solar panels north is best. Others claim it’s south. The best direction depends on your location, and our experienced, professional solar roofing installers know this.

What Makes Solaric’s The Best Solar Panel Mounting Brackets in the Philippines

How Install Solar Roof

We at Solaric acknowledge the significance of having high-quality solar panel mounting brackets in the Philippines. That’s why we get only the best mounting accessories for your safety and convenience. Our mounting brackets are exceptional for several reasons.

Emergency Power Solution

Uses Aircraft-Grade, Anodized Aluminum

For mounting equipment, we commissioned Clenergy, the world’s best producer of engineered aerospace aluminum. With their help, our mounting brackets are now made of premium material: aircraft-grade, anodized aluminum that's non-corrosive, durable, and lasts for several decades.


As we mentioned, the Philippines is damaged by typhoons every year. Our solar panel mounting brackets have been tried and tested by the powerful typhoons that hit them. Our brackets have had zero losses in Bicol, where super typhoons have visited multiple times. Because of this, some construction companies have used our designs and anodization specifications for use in typhoon-prone areas.

Our professionals always make decisions to maintain the strength of your solar panel systems, even as far as triple railing them for structural integrity. With us, your solar panel mounting brackets will be of good use.

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Installed by Professionals

Solaric not only provides high-quality solar panel mounting brackets in the Philippines, but we also offer installation services! Our professionals are trained to know the best specifications for your solar power system. They will consider your location, what materials should be used, and how to properly secure your solar panels. With this service, your solar panel system will surely be secure as well as efficient!

Install your Solar Panel Mounting Brackets in the Philippines with Solaric!

Plan on having a solar panel system installed? Get the best deals with the best quality of solar panel mounting brackets in the Philippines with Solaric! Our trained professionals will help you turn on the sun, just send us a message and get a quote here!

You're also welcome to check out our services. With us, you can find a portable solar generator in the Philippines, inverters, hardware, and other accessories for a most efficient solar setup.


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