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With the continued interest in investing in renewable energy sources, the interest in having a solar power inverter in the Philippines also grew exponentially. Solaric has installed high-quality residential, commercial, and industrial solar power inverters and complete photovoltaic (PV) solar systems throughout the Philippines. Our off-grid energy solutions can help you reduce electricity bill costs, overcome brownouts, all while protecting the environment.

We want every Filipino to enjoy the benefits of a cleaner and greener world. This is why our mission is to turn on the sun and provide renewable power solutions that are affordable, environmentally sound, and future compatible. But before you get a solar power inverter in the Philippines installed in your home or business establishment, do you know what they are, how they work, and their benefits? Read on.

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What Is A Solar Power Inverter?

A solar power inverter is one of the most important components of a solar PV system. You can say it is the brain or center processing unit of solar PV systems.

A solar power inverter functions by converting the direct current (DC) output of a solar PV system into an alternating current (AC). AC is fed into your home to power all your items that need electricity including appliances and gadgets. In the case where your solar PV system produces more energy than needed, your solar power inverter will feed the extra energy back to your electric grid or solar battery storage.

Without a solar power inverter, it would be impossible to convert the energy harvested by your solar panels to energy used to power your home — even if you have a hundred solar panels installed on your rooftop. It works as the “middleman” between you and your entire solar PV system.

When you have a solar power inverter in the Philippines, it will continue to work around the clock to monitor voltage, communicate with the utility grid, and transmit data that can be easily viewed through a website or mobile app. More than that, if there is a problem with your solar roof in the Philippines, your solar power inverter will detect it. It is an efficient solar component that reduces your electricity bills significantly.

Benefits Of A Solar Power Inverter In The Philippines

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During recent years, the Philippine solar power inverter market has witnessed a surge in demand. This is likely because more people have recognized the benefits of switching to renewable energy sources for both residential, commercial, and industrial use.

So why should you switch from your traditional electricity grid to a solar power inverter? Below are the benefits of using a solar power inverter in the Philippines.


Cleaner Source of Energy

Traditional electricity systems run on fossil fuels. Unfortunately, fossil fuel is also a major contributor to global warming. When they're burned, they release greenhouse gases into the environment, which is drastically damaging. As such, everyone is being encouraged to switch to renewable energy.

Investing in a solar power inverter in the Philippines helps you reduce your carbon footprint because it creates clean and green energy from the sun. At Solaric, our focus is to provide clean sustainable energy systems and energy conservation devices. So if you want to do your part in saving the planet, go solar.

Powerful Capacity

Reduced Electricity Bills

While it’s true that the initial cost of installing PV panels can be expensive, this can’t compare to the long-term electric bill savings and advantages.

At Solaric, solar power inverters we've installed throughout the country resulted in drastic monthly electric bill drops, with homeowners noticing up to 50% reduction in their bills.

If you purchase a solar power inverter in the Philippines, you can expect to recover from your investment within 6 to 7 years of use. And because the average lifespan of solar power inverter systems is between 10 to 15 years, you can still benefit from substantial investment returns. To add to that, the grid tie inverter price in the Philippines has dropped to its lowest figures in the past 10 years.

Easily Rechargable

Ability to Overcome Power Interruptions

Another benefit of installing a solar power inverter in the Philippines is that you can stop worrying about sudden power interruptions.

Solar power inverters will continuously generate energy during brownouts because they absorb sunlight throughout the day. This is where the concept of net metering comes into the picture.

Net metering is an electricity billing mechanism that allows you to use electricity anytime. You no longer have to rely on your traditional electric grid because the electricity stored by your PV system maintains power. This benefit is important for those with industrial operations or medical institutions that need electricity 24/7.

Safe to Use

Monitor the Performance of Your Solar Inverter Through a Mobile Application

A solar power inverter in the Philippines not only converts the energy from the sun to usable energy but also serves as a communicating device that tells whether your solar PV system is experiencing problems.

Thanks to technological advancements, solar power inverters can now connect to the internet and monitor voltage, harvest data, and other information about the performance of your solar PV systems. Be able to track your solar performance and maximize generating the cleanest energy possible while getting the best value for your investment.

Why Choose Solaric For Your Solar Power Inverter In The Philippines

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Solaric is an authorized distributor of SolarEdge inverters in the Philippines. We also help our clients carry out installation, site planning, and commissioning. We offer a full suite of SolarEdge inverters (single phase and 3 phase) that operate in the following grid types: regular 230V Single (split) phase, 400V Wye, and 230V Delta.

If you’re wondering why you should choose Solaric as your provider of a solar power inverter in the Philippines, here’s why:

Emergency Power Solution

Mission to Provide Green Energy

Solaric started as an offshoot of a business that involved providing backup power solutions for the US Federal Government. When Typhoon Yolanda happened and resulted in wide-scale blackouts and damaged local grids, we made it our mission to provide an energy solution that keeps sustainability in mind.

Availing of a solar power inverter in the Philippines from Solaric goes beyond providing a reliable, cleaner, and cost-efficient energy source for your home or establishment. It supports our cause to power the world by turning to the sun.

Backed by Decades of Experience

With decades of experience and a mission to make renewable energy accessible and affordable, Solaric rose to become one of the most trusted suppliers of complete solar systems, solar panel mounting brackets, solar panels, and solar power inverters in the Philippines. Over the years, we have installed more than 50% of residential solar systems in the Philippines and contributed to significant electrical bill savings and a greener future.

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Switch Sustainable Lifestyle

Dedication to Provide the Best Value for Money

At Solaric, we appeal to Filipino sensibilities of value. This is why before we provide a quotation for your solar power inverter in the Philippines, we determine the best methods to maximize your investment return. We present different techniques to guarantee you achieve your solar goals — whether it be lower expenses, minimized, or lower carbon footprints.

Get Your Solar Power Inverter In The Philippines From Solaric!

Interested in installing a solar power inverter in the Philippines? Contact Solaric! Click here to inquire about our solar power systems or ask for our solar system installers. We would gladly explain how solar power works or schedule a consultation to determine which solar system best fits your home or business establishment!


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