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At Solaric, our mission is to deliver economically sensible and environmentally sound solar solutions to households in the Philippines. Today, we are the recognized leader in solar roof installations throughout the country with thousands of happy clients all over Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. We believe that clean energy should be accessible and everyone is offered the best-value solar solutions while keeping solar panel installation cost affordable.

Solar panel installation cost in the Philippines has gone down over the years and they are only going to continue going down. But, what is the actual price of installing solar panels? Continue reading on to learn more! It’s never too late to enjoy the different money-saving solar advantages.

Solar Panel Installation Cost

Factors That Affect the Cost of Solar Panel Installation

While getting solar panels has become more affordable over the years, several factors affect the solar panel installation cost. Initial prices and the solar panel type used will differ from roof to roof. Solar companies in the Philippines also offer different packages and prices for solar PV installations.

From the size of your solar panel system to your roof’s material, there are many variables that can affect your solar panel installation cost.

Roof Top Solar Panel

Roof’s Material, Type, and Condition

What your roof is made of and its current condition affects the cost of solar panel installation. Solar panels can be installed on most roofs in the Philippines, but some materials won’t be able to withstand the weight of the entire solar panel system.

  • Metal Roofing
  • Most roofs in the Philippines are made from trapezoidal metal. Among all roof types, this has the lowest solar panel installation cost. Solar panels are installed using small mounting brackets that are drilled into the trapezoidal protrusion of your roof. This simple solar panel installation process is what ensures the costs are kept low.

  • Tiled Roofing
  • With tiled roofing, the solar panel installation cost is higher because more work is involved in installing its mounting system. Here, your roof tiles are removed before installing the mounting system and returned after the brackets have been securely drilled into the roof.

  • Wooden Roof
  • It is not recommended to install solar panels on wooden roofs. As a material, wood is among the most brittle and prone to breakage. Your roof trusses may not be able to support the weight of all the solar panels. A solar panel installation on a wooden roof can also present a fire hazard. That said, extra precautions on installation will result in higher costs.

    Aside from the type and material, solar installation companies also need to take a look at the condition of the roof. When your roof is too steep, the solar panel installation cost will increase because of the additional manpower required.

Size of Solar Panel

Installing a solar roof in the Philippines requires extensive planning. When the solar panel system is bigger, the solar panel installation cost can increase.

However, the size of the solar panel system is determined by how much power you want to be generated in your home. This will still depend on your average electricity consumption. To get the most cost savings, we recommend checking your monthly electric bill and optimizing your solar panel’s size to meet your energy needs.

What do you need for solar panel installation in the Philippines?

At Solaric, we are always thrilled whenever our clients are happy with their solar panel systems! That’s why before we start with a solar panel installation in the Philippines, our professionals at Solaric ensure that everything is set up and ready. Here are some of the things you need for a solar panel installation in the Philippines:

Solar panels

These are the rectangular, flat objects placed on the roof of residential homes. Due to their big size, most solar panels take up a lot of space on the roof.

Solar panels are where solar energy is collected to become electricity. This is done through the photovoltaic cells in the panel that converts collected photos into electricity.

An appropriate space

Before giving you the final solar panel installation cost, professionals at Solaric check if there is an appropriate and dedicated space for the solar panels. A roof must have the proper structural capacity, shape, and tilt.

Aside from that, the material of the roof is checked since this can also affect the viability of solar energy. You can’t install panels on roofs made of wood and brittle shingles.

Lastly, the exposure to sunlight is also inspected. If there is too much shade from your property, it would not be advisable to get panels installed. This shade can come from either trees or buildings in your area that blocks sunlight from reaching your roof.

A mounting system

A mounting system is a method by which solar panels are secured into place on the roof. There are many kinds of systems depending on the type of roof you have.

This is an important aspect of solar panel installation. Despite having perfect positioning on the roof, a solar panel can easily go to waste without a proper mounting system.

When choosing a mounting system, take into consideration the weather in the Philippines. Your solar panel’s mounting system should be durable, robust, and well-installed so that it can withstand 250 kph wind speed, heavy rains, and extreme heat.


The inverter of your solar panel system is responsible for converting the energy output into usable electricity. It does this by converting direct current electricity generated from the panel into alternate current electricity.

A reliable installer

Taking into consideration the solar panel installation cost, it is only right you partner with a reliable installer who’ll make the most of your investment. At Solaric, your solar panels will last for up to 25 years, with a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year power output guarantee.

Cost of Installation by Solar Panel Type

To help you make a smarter solar purchasing decision, here’s an estimate of Solaric’s solar panel installation cost in the Philippines. Note that installation costs are also affected by different factors such as roof type and solar panel size.

1.6 kWp Grid Tied Solar

Households with an average electricity bill of Php 12,000 opt to get this solar panel system. This is the right home solution for your household if there are one to two refrigerators and an air conditioning system running in the daytime.

The cost of solar panel installation for the 1.6 kWp Grid Tied starts at Php 108,000 on most roofs.

3.2 kWp Grid Tie Solar

Households with an average electricity bill of Php 15,000 consider installing the 3.2 kWp Grid Tie Solar. This is the perfect system for your household if you have moderate daytime use for most of your appliances. There can be multiple refrigerators, air conditioning systems, and a pool pump running at the same time.

The average cost of solar panel installation for this home solution starts at Php 183,000.

5.6 kWp Grid Tie Solar

Households with an average electricity bill of Php 20,000 opt for this solar home solution.

This solar panel system is ideal if your household has heavy daytime usage of various appliances like washing machines, vacuums, refrigerators, and air conditioning systems.

The average solar panel installation cost for the 5.6 kWp Grid Tie Solar starts Php 270,000.

At Solaric, we provide you with various solar panel solutions in the Philippines. Consider which type is best for you by computing your average electric consumption for the past three months!

Why Choose Solaric For Your Roof Solar Panel Installation?

Compared to other solar companies in the Philippines, Solaric provides affordable yet professional installation services. We have a core installation crew of over 50 people. To ensure that our quality services are the same for all clients, we never outsource crew members.

After more than 10 years in the industry, we provide our clients with well-installed solar panel systems. Even after installation, our after-sales services are still top-notch as we answer our client’s questions and concerns about their solar panel systems.

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