Top Solar Companies In The Philippines

If you’re looking to reduce your electricity bills, you might be interested in switching to solar panels. Aside from helping protect the environment, solar energy offers endless benefits such as achieving the highly coveted Zero Bill and increasing your home’s value. Looking for trustworthy companies for your solar roof installation? We save you from the hassle of researching!

To have a solar rooftop, there are several factors to consider like your roof’s material and choosing the right solar panel size for optimal cost-savings. As solar prices are becoming more affordable, choosing among the many solar companies becomes more challenging than ever! Partnering with reputable solar companies in the Philippines such as Solaric can ensure your solar panels last for up to 25 years.

Top Solar Companies in the Philippines

About Solaric

As the leader among other solar companies in the Philippines, Solaric is dedicated to leading solar tech innovations in the country, as we remain humbled and rooted in one of our purposes and principles which is to provide solar panels by using the natural source of light — the sun for a greener environment.

We have been involved in notable projects such as the battery backup system for the Kennedy Space Station Data Center in Florida, and we also took the initiative to help the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in 2013 by energizing the schools, churches, homes, and relief centers affected in Tacloban City.

For many years, Solaric has been providing solar solutions that are economically sensible, environmentally sound, and future-compatible by turning on the sun.

Number of Companies Offering Solar System Installation in the Philippines

With more than ten solar companies in the Philippines offering solar system installation, the Philippines’ solar energy capacity has increased over the past years. From only 2 megawatts in 2012, it exponentially reached 1.37 thousand megawatts in 2021, which resulted in the Renewable Energy Act of 2008 that added the power of solar energy to our country’s renewable energy capacity.

Solaric is continuously shifting Filipinos’ traditional way of receiving their power supply, making it the first choice among other solar companies in the Philippines.

History of Solar Panel Installation In The Philippines

In the 1980s, the Philippines experienced frequent blackouts and unsteady electricity due to government instability and political unrest, which affected many Filipinos. This problem continuously happened until the early 1990s. This led to the first installment of solar panels in the Philippines as a way of providing stability in uncertain times.

Today, many Filipino families and businesses are choosing Solaric among other solar companies in the Philippines. This is all thanks to our affordable and high-quality solar panels compared to others.

Is The Philippines Efficient For Solar Panels?

Solaric recognizes that the Philippines is a country that holds unique advantages when it comes to solar panel setup. This is why solar panels are efficient for many Filipino households today. And, we’re more grateful that we’re the first choice among solar companies in the Philippines and trusted by thousands of Filipinos.

Takes advantage of tropical climate

Located near the equator, the citizens of the Philippines get to enjoy 12 daylight hours per day. Although extreme heat is a hindrance to Filipinos when working, there is no doubt that the sun’s energy means a longer chance for the solar energy system to provide cleaner and eco-friendly energy right at your homes or businesses.

Lessens dependency on fossil fuels

Since the Philippines is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, getting a solar panel from Solaric among other solar companies in the Philippines is the best way to lessen your dependency on the increasing prices of fossil fuels.

Cuts electric bills

With net-metering for solar panels in the Philippines, your home or business with a grid-tied solar system can sell excess solar energy back to a utility like Meralco, which helps our clients deduct it from their electric bill while also saving money every month.

Makes use of roof space

Solaric, among other solar companies in the Philippines, holds the most number of rooftops installed. We are happy to fill in the roof spaces of thousands of Filipino houses with our solar panels.

Greener environment

One of our purposes is to provide a greener environment in the Philippines through our solar energy system. Since the Philippines' ecosystem is extremely weak to climate change, a solar panel can balance the carbon dioxide emissions. Solaric is more than happy to provide thousands of solar panels to your homes and businesses.

What Makes Solaric The Leading Solar Company In The Philippines?

What makes Solaric the most reputable among other solar companies in the country? We have been trusted by hundreds of thousands of households and hold the record for the most number of rooftops installed vs any other solar company in the Philippines, as well as Meralco’s largest chunk of their net metering pie.

Here are the other reasons to choose Solaric as your solar company in the Philippines!

Solar Panel

Excellent track record

Our track record is what makes us the first choice of many. We have installed more solar panels than other solar companies in the Philippines while also bagging the largest chunk of the net metering pie.

Topnotch after-sales services

Solaric is proud to say that we never let a client down after they installed our solar panels and they’re free to ask further inquiries, complaints, and more.

Reliable and skilled solar experts

We have a professional team that is licensed engineers with decades of expertise to provide everything you need about our solar panels.

Contributes to a cleaner, greener, and renewable future

Now more than ever, in our 10 years in the business, Solaric’s top priority is to create an effective and greener environment for a renewable future with the help of our solar panels.

Contact Solaric, the leading solar company in the Philippines today!

There may be other first solar companies ever established in the Philippines, but here at Solaric, we are leading the solar energy system like no other. With only a decade of expertise and outstanding professional services, we have installed more than 50% of residential rooftop solar panels in the Philippines.

Solaric is the top choice solar company in the Philippines today. Contact us today and experience how we can help you as the leading solar company in the Philippines!

Want to start your #renewable journey today? Give us a call at 75040092 or 09178603141 or 09083775577, email or visit We will gladly explain to you how the system works, or schedule a survey so we can give you options for your new home or existing homes or businesses. At Solaric, we Turn on the Sun.

At Solaric, we Turn on the Sun.


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