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Our focus is to provide clean sustainable energy systems and energy conservation devices and appliances that are economically sensible and environmentally sound. We select and build our systems with the following criteria:


Must be affordable and provide best value to our clients. If our systems do not save you money on your energy bill, it has little value to our clients. Our aim is to reduce your power bill by using proven PV technology.


Must provide clients with a renewable and sustainable source of energy that lessens the home's carbon footprint. Our panels will continuously provide you with green energy. We aim to reduce your dependency on non-renewable sources that can further harm the planet.

Our Story

Solaric is trusted in hundreds of thousands of households nationwide. Over the course of the past decade, we’ve challenged your carbon footprint, caused disruptions in the industry, and led solar tech innovations in the Philippines. Yet, we remain rooted to our purpose and principles, because they are the reasons why we turn on the sun every single day.

Solaric was an offshoot of our previous business which involved providing backup power solutions to the US Federal Government. One of our more notable projects was the battery backup system for the Kennedy Space Station data center in Florida. We first started experimenting with Solar PV early 2010, but it was too expensive to do it without subsidies back then. In the past 5 years, technological advancements have allowed solar to become cost effective and competitive against utility power.

When Typhoon Yolanda happened, we heard horror stories of infants dying because of incubators and nebulizers under blackout. Our startup business was called to duty. All our inventory was reallocated to relief efforts with no expectation of getting paid. We were tasked to energize schools, churches, homes, and relief centers in Tacloban and Malapascua, where there were no grid, no diesel, and no government support. We delivered power when others would not or could not, and in the worst possible operating conditions.

After installing truck loads of off grid power solutions that were used by thousands of Yolanda survivors, we came back tempered and hardened, but our goal was one and the same: to provide cost effective power using free and clean renewable energy, to be enjoyed by future generations.

Turn On The Sun

We turn on the sun by using solar power to reduce your energy bill and to protect our environment. We believe that clean energy should be easily accessible to everyone. We want to show you that solar power makes clear economic sense. That’s why we offer turnkey solutions from product supply to installation to maintenance. We deliver affordable and best-value solar equipment and solar solutions to our clients in accordance to acceptable global standards.

Solaric: King of Rooftop Solar

Today, we are the recognized leader in solar PV installations throughout the Philippines, found on rooftops all over Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao with thousands of happy clients and installations. Megawatts of renewable energy power are now available for the common housewife, business owner, or factory owner to utilize. Solaric will further its leadership in the Residential and Commercial & Industrial solar market.

Our Mission

To provide solar solutions that are economically sensible, environmentally sound, and future compatible

Our Vision

To power the world by turning on the sun






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