3 Benefits of Going Solar For the Environment

3 Benefits of Going Solar For the Environment

What are the advantages of going solar for the environment?

  1. Fewer greenhouse gasses are emitted into the atmosphere 
  2. You consume less water and cause less air pollution
  3. The world becomes less dependent on fossil fuels


Going solar offers two main types of benefits: financial and environmental. In terms of finances, going solar allows homeowners and business owners to cut down their electricity bills because they no longer rely on fossil fuel energy. Fossil fuel prices continue to rise rapidly. Getting a solar panel setup is so cost-efficient that some people even achieve the coveted #ZeroBill

For the environment, the benefits are even better. Climate experts claim that we have no later than 2050 to mitigate the worst impacts of global warming. Today, countries are already experiencing climate catastrophes, including the Philippines. We have scorching temperatures, rising sea levels, devastating typhoons, and declining agricultural yields. Fortunately, aggressively switching to renewable energy sources reduce carbon footprint and protects the planet. 

Once more and more homes decide to switch to solar, the advantages become exponential. Here are the three biggest benefits of going solar for the environment. 

Fewer greenhouse gasses are emitted into the atmosphere 

Greenhouse gases are some of the most harmful substances that affect the environment. Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, ozone, and methane are some of the main greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. 

Once released into the atmosphere, greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere and warm the planet. The excess heat in our atmosphere causes climate change, more natural disasters, wildfires, and public health issues. Reducing greenhouse gasses is essential in combating climate change and saving our environment. 

Carbon footprint refers to the total amount of greenhouse gasses generated by humans, organizations, or even products. Going solar significantly reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses caused by fossil fuel burning, and as such, it reduces the carbon footprint as well. 

Unlink fossil fuel, solar power does not emit any greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Solar is simply harvested from the sun and converted into energy using an inverter that powers homes. 

A typical solar panel setup cuts down your carbon footprint by about half a tonne of CO2 each year. Reducing your personal impact on the environment may not sound like much, but think of the fossil fuel energy consumed by one entire household. 

Installing rooftop solar makes you a producer of clean and safe energy sources – therefore contributing to protecting the environment and to a more sustainable future for the next generations. 


You consume less water and cause less air pollution

You consume less water and cause less air pollution

Coal or fossil fuel energy generation does more than cause the emission of greenhouse gasses. Coal power plants also consume more water compared to plants for other sources of energy like geothermal, wind, and solar. Water is one of the most essential natural resources in the world, and everyone needs to conserve water if we don’t want it to run out.

Power plants and factories are major players in utilizing clean water for their systems and processes. A nuclear power plant may use up to a billion gallons of water a day, while a coal power plant may use up to 12 million gallons per hour. In contrast, a solar power plant uses only about 20 gallons per megawatt hour, mostly for cleaning.

Small steps turn into monumental changes when made by many people. The more people who make the change from fossil fuel to solar energy, the more water is conserved from coal power plants. This way, the global consumption of water decreases by a wide margin, and we may be able to conserve this natural resource.


The world becomes less dependent on fossil fuels

The world becomes less dependent on fossil fuels

Fossil fuel is a dwindling resource, and it’s been speculated that we may run out within this century. That means it’s imperative for the world to find a replacement energy source for coal fuel. 

Even if coal weren’t running out, however, the greenhouse gas emission of fossil fuel production is so great that it causes more harm than good to our environment. While we should not keep damaging our environment for the sake of energy, we cannot live without energy, either. What we need, therefore, is energy from a different source—and fortunately, we have a number of more sustainable sources to choose from.

Among the possible sources of energy, few are more abundant or renewable than sunlight. That makes switching to solar energy not just possible, but the most ideal course of action for those who want to make sustainability possible.


Key Takeaway

The top nations with the highest carbon emissions need to make a big switch to renewable energy to protect the planet. But as we stated, small steps done by many contribute to monumental change. 

You might think that just one household switching to solar power is not enough to save the environment, but it’s a big step forward. With every home, building, or factory that switches to solar energy, we’re doing more than benefiting financially—we’re saving the planet, one roof at a time. When is the best time to go solar? Now. 

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