Is Solar System the Fastest Growing Energy Source?

solar energy

What made the solar system the fastest growing energy source?

  1. It’s limitless and smartly produced.
  2. It’s earning a huge consumer base.
  3. It has significant drop in costs.
  4. It’s efficient overall.


Solar systems in the Philippines are the new source of energy; it’s efficient, less expensive, and profitable if you’re selling the house. Solar panels have proven its perks since being released in the market, and has provided people a new way to conserve energy and reserve other sources of power to minimize the supply. Today, the increasing demand for this renewable energy source has rapidly increased.


It’s limitless and smartly produced.

The way solar systems in the Philippines are sold, one can say that the said source of power has limitless possibilities. After all, it’s the sun! But what about when it rains? This is where human intervention makes a plausible discovery of arranging the energy production. You can attach a battery to save a handful of energy for the rainy season or enroll for the metering program.

It’s earning a huge consumer base.

With all of the benefits provided by having a solar system in the Philippines, there should be no question as to how the consumer base has grown in the past couple of years. Both residences and businesses are known to use solar energy, an evidence that people trust solar. More so, it has no harmful effects on people and comparatively minimal damage to the environment which makes it a wise choice for everyone.

There has been a significant drop in costs.

India, China, USA, and many others – these has been the regions where there are reported drop in solar costs. You get to pay $0.65 cents for a watt in India, $0.78 cents in the US, and much cheaper in the UK. Japan, on the other hand, maintains a  feasible price of $2.07 given its natural calamity risks such as the strong wind, constant earthquakes, and the mountainside erosion that affects the whole engineering process. It’s a positive thing for most consumers, given that it won’t be hard to install a solar system in any Philippine house today. These solar panels in houses do not only bring about a good supply of energy, but it also allows you to save from expensive utility grid billings every now and then for a smaller installation price.

So, is solar the fastest growing energy source?

According to the International Energy Agency, solar energy is now the fastest growing source of power. This was due to its ground-breaking record of accounting for almost ⅔ of net capacity around the world. The said growth was said to be a courtesy of the on-going popularity of solar panel installations especially in China. Moreover, the recent expansion in the US has also led to the said region being recognized as the second largest market for solar systems. In the Philippines, one can say that the recent ventures of various big companies are also contributing to the growth of this renewable source of energy.


Key Takeaway

The growing expansion of solar panels in houses and commercial establishments caused a huge impact in the industry. Thus, solar gaining recognition for being the fastest growing source of energy amongst its peers, wind, coal, and fossil among many others. It can be said that this achievement has truly made a wonderful exposure for using solar systems as an alternative sustainable source of energy.


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