Benefits of Going to the Solar 101 and 202 Seminars

Benefits of Going to the Solar 101 and 202 Seminars

Start a new business or install solar panels priced in the Philippines at the least possible cost by doing it yourself.

At Solaric, we trained over a thousand people in our solar 101 and solar 202 seminars; and its starting to change the rooftop solar landscape in the Philippines. Our independent dealers and installers can be found all over the Philippines, taking solar from fringe to a mainstream source of energy.

In just one weekend, we share our know-how to build solar systems, help you avoid palpak builds, and sizing them to perfection.

You might be asking, why are we sharing our trade secrets? The answer is simple: here in Solaric, we want to jump-start the solar industry, especially since climate change is now becoming more of a reality.

Our “trade secret” is our guiding philosophy: Design and build every system as if it’s our own money in the line; that’s how we started, and that’s how we do it.

Sorry, but we do NOT do free “Sell-Me Na-rs.” We value your time and this is not a mindless seminar to sell you equipment, but rather for you to make an informed choice over the many types of PV solar systems in the market and get you in the “know” how it works before you make a decision.

Our serious clients always look for meaningful content and for that we have to give a quality seminar that has the consumable equipment, textbooks, expert instructors, and plenty of real-world experience from our battery of engineers.

The event costs P5000 per day and is divided into two segments: Solar 101 and Solar 202. For more information when’s our next seminar, click here!

Solar 101 and 202 Seminars

For those on a budget, one free advice we could give is for you to make a quick trip to our showroom during weekdays.

You do not have to be an electrical engineer to comprehend this seminar, but you should at least be a high school or college graduate as we are doing some high school math and a little algebra on some of our computations (aside from the usual business math).

Our two-day Solar 101 and 202 covers the mechanics on how to integrate solar panels to any electrical system—from ice plants to a small residential project. Salient details on how solar works, how to pick solar panels like a pro, computation for return on investment, and things to watch out for when installing high powered solar systems are covered in length.

Who attends our seminars, you ask? We often have astute businessmen, energy executives, Solar farm designers, Energy companies, homeowners, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and solar companies, who want to be well informed, as our audience. This means that you can expect meaningful, professional content.

Certificate of completion, hot meals, and chances to win great prizes on the raffle table are included.

There are discount vouchers worth more than the entrance fee, and attendees of the 202 workshop are privy to installer rates for key materials if they decide to get into the business.

Our Solar 101 course was developed with input from experienced solar installers, who come from around the world, that have practical experience in doing hundreds of rooftops in the Philippines. Although this does not mean they are not comprehensible to the common man, businessman, and appreciable to even the most seasoned electrical engineer. In fact, it’s the other way around.

Solar 202, on the other hand, is for people who want to go to the next step and get into the boots of an installer for a day. They will be wiring up live systems and watch the electric meter spin backward with our ERC-approved grid tie methods.

Graduates of 202 are then given full access to our arsenal of Solaric tested and approved materials such as Tier 1 solar panels, off grid and grid tie inverters, lithium, and non-lithium batteries at industry insider rates to grow their business.

Solar seminar

How successful is Solar 101 and 202?

We measure our seminars’ success through our attendees’ success, and they alone have installed thousands of Solaric products and solar panels all over the Philippines.

Almost every day a new house or business somewhere in the Philippines goes online from Solaric-trained installers and dealers.

From Luzon to the farthest corners of Mindanao, we are turning the lights ON, lowering bills, and bringing smiles by using eternal sunshine.

At Solaric, We Turn On the Sun and Brilliant Minds!

For more information (and to register) in Solar 101 and Solar 202, please go to this page and on this one.  You may also call us at 504 0092.


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