Aesthetic Designs for Homes Powered by Solar Panels Priced in the Philippines


What are some great ideas for a more beautifully presented solar panel home?

  1. Making certain adjustments to the current solar setup
  2. Use solar panels to provide shade for your porch area
  3. Place black solar panels on black roof


In this day and age, authorities in modern design such as Architectural Digest have come to recognize the potential solar powered homes have for exuding elegant levels of structural home design. With the varying ranges of solar panel prices in the Philippines, it would be a great aesthetic upgrade for your home to make the switch to solar power.

Solar power for homes is becoming more and more of an established norm for the world’s most brilliant architects and interior designers. Here are some great ideas to process when thinking of designing a solar powered home:

Re-evaluating Solar Design


Re-evaluating Solar Design

When it comes to rethinking the household’s solar panel design, a trending approach is going with wall-to-wall solar cells for the exterior. There are some solar panels that you can utilize to blend beautifully with standard asphalt roofing materials.

Use It as a Shade


Use It as a Shade

High-temperature areas (like the Philippines) are ideal locations for solar porches; the shade provided through solar filtered daylight makes for a dreamy view of the skies accompanied with a protective performance. Solar skylight and solar shade are greatly utilized with see-through modifications integrated on exterior planes.

However, a common concern about spaces like these is the roofing since it is not part of the main structure; meaning, the area is not under the main roof.

One great way to make use of the airspace is by installing a small roofing system with solar panels.

This technique is more advisable for homeowners, who do not want to conduct a large-scale installation.

Different homes have varying porch sizes. While porches may have a significantly smaller floor area compared to the main body of the house, the floor space it occupies is sufficient enough for solar panels to be installed on top.

Go for Black

Source: Howe Builders

Go for Black

Solar panels priced in the Philippines can either be in color blue or black; if you are torn about which one to choose, pick the black one.

In general, positioning black solar panels over a black roof can provide a seamless look not only for your roof, but for the overall curb appeal of the house.

You don’t have to worry about the color scheme of the house’s exterior because a black roof can blend well with dark-toned paint. If you prefer lighter tones for the main body of the house, having a black roof can make the lighter shade pop and appear more vibrant.

Black solar panels are more aesthetically pleasing and go well easily with any exterior design—its components also absorb more solar power for the home.

They appear black due to the unique way sunlight interacts with the silicon layer of the panel.  Unlike the silicon found in the blue solar panels, the ones in the black variants have a high purity level.


Key Takeaway

Navigating your way through the different solar panel prices in the Philippines is an exciting venture, when it comes to upgrading your home. It is indeed possible to have a home that directly has a positive impact on the environment as well as look absolutely stylish.

Switching or converting your homes to use solar power does not mean that these households will look bland and robotic. There are many ways to tweak and re-design a solar powered house in order to achieve the most luxurious of architectural peaks—just follow our tips above!


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