3 Ways to Help Seniors Live in a Healthier and Environmentally Friendly Home in the Philippines

3 Ways to Help Seniors Live in a Healthier and Environmentally Friendly Home in the Philippines

What  can you do to have a healthier home for seniors?

  1. Power your household with solar energy
  2. Purify your tap water
  3. Plant your vegetable garden


Seniors are important members of our society. We need to ensure that we exercise our full capacity when it comes to making sure that they reside under the most comfortable conditions that cater to health. With the many estimates for solar panel prices in the Philippines, it would be a practical idea to seek out the range that best fits your means.

There are many ways to accommodate for a healthy and environmentally home—solar energy is an alternative energy source capable of both.

Besides being a healthier alternative, solar energy is also a great investment in terms of real estate; solar homes are currently seeing an economic renaissance in the market. Here are a few things to start out with when making sure our seniors live within the healthiest households:

Power Your Homes with Solar Energy

Power Your Homes with Solar Energy

Solar panels are essentially run by solar cells. The formation of these cells is the product of converting sunlight into electrical energy. Sunlight is absorbed and processed through the Photovolatic Effect or the displacement of electrons from atoms.

Solar installation has been shown to decrease energy usage. The most practical aspect to solar panels is that the energy is renewable. According to a 2013 study by the Colorado Energy Office in Denver, the value and marketability of a solar powered home has shown to increase property appreciation with a consistency of 3%.


Purify Your Own Water

Sadly, the tap water in the Philippines is not clean. A number of households in the country get their drinking water from water purifying stations near them. However, this option is not viable—because it means you have to pay every time to get access to crystal clear water. Instead of doing this, you could invest in a water purifier to do the entire purifying process in your own home. By doing so, you could just turn it on and drink the water there.

Plant Your Vegetable Garden

Plant Your Vegetable Garden

A vegetable garden is perfect for homes that have seniors living in them. Why? Well, there are a few reasons as to why it is perfect for them. Let’s discuss some of them below.

  • For obvious reasons, a vegetable garden provides people with the produce they need to live a healthy and nutricious life. The seniors living in your home will surely benefit from all the vegetables you get from your patch of land.
  • A vegetable garden also provides senior something to do during their spare time. For sure, they would love to tend to the produce available in your garden so they could grow into something that they will enjoy on their plate someday; it’s the perfect pastime for them!
  • Lastly, a vegetable garden is a nice addition to your own healthy home because it could be a source of income. This would be especially true if you have a beautiful, flourishing garden.


Key Takeaway

Want to provide your seniors a healthy home?

Just follow the tips listed above and in no time you will be providing your loved ones a healthy environment.

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