Things You Should Know About Applying for Net Metering

Things You Should Know About Applying for Net Metering

What are the things you should know when applying for net metering?

  1. The proper documents to submit
  2. The designated fees
  3. The benefits you can receive


Providers of solar systems in the Philippines are continuously giving alternative and cost-effective energy solutions to Filipino families.

If you have already found the suitable solar system from your trusted seller, then it might be time to maximize its benefits and enjoy tremendous results from this renewable energy source. One such benefit could be achieved through net metering.

According to the Renewable Energy Act of 2008, net metering is an incentive scheme carried out by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) that aims to encourage users to participate in the generation of renewable energy for the purpose of exportation of excess electricity to a distribution utility.

Defining net metering is the first step in knowing how you can be a purveyor of Renewable Energy in your own establishment. In this article, you will know the necessary steps that you should take in order to join the Renewable Energy Net Metering Program.

Have the Proper Documents for Application

Have the Proper Documents for Application

Section 10 of R.A. 9513 states that distribution utilities shall enter into net-metering agreements with qualified end-users who will be installing a Renewable Energy system upon request of the user as subject to technical considerations and without discrimination.

The question is, “how would you know that you are qualified to adopt the net metering system?”

First off, you should prepare the following documents:

  • Net Metering Application Form – supply the answers for details regarding your generating facility, plant parameters documentation, your electrical layout plan, etc. This is part of your request for a Distribution Impact Study of your Renewable Energy Facility application for Net Metering.
  • Identification Documents:
    • For Residential Homes – ID and Proof of Valid Occupancy (i.e. copy of the land title and copy of the deed of sale).
    • For Business Enterprises – Secretary’s Certificate that will serve as an authorization for a person to apply for net metering.
  • Photocopy of a previous monthly bill from Meralco.
  • Plant Parameters Form (PPF) – you can get this from Meralco. Ask your solar provider to fill it up.
  • Certification of Renewable Energy Facility Equipment — from your RE installer.
  • Yellow Card – Meralco will give you this after they study your house. You will then submit this yellow card to the City Hall to claim the Certification of Final Electrical Inspection.
  • Secure a Certification of Final Electrical Inspection (CFEI) from your Local Government Unit.
  • Net-Metering Agreement (NMA) from Meralco – fill it out, sign it, and have it notarized.
  • Fixed Asset Boundary Document (FABD) – get this contract from Meralco and affix your signature.
  • Certificate of Compliance – there are two types of forms: Form 1 (applicable to individuals) and Form 2 (applies to businesses like corporations or organizations). These forms have an application fee of PHP 1,500 paid to the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).
  • Updated Electrical Plan – acknowledged, signed, and sealed by the Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE).

Once you have these documents, your net metering application will be underway. Contact the Meralco Engineer and the Accredited Meralco Contractor from your local office and let them help you process your application.


Pay the Designated Fees

Together with the required documents, your application comes with fees to process your net metering application. Here are the fees you need to pay when applying for this program:

  • Distribution Impact Study Fee – this can range from Php 1,900 to Php 17,000 approximately, depending on the potential impact of your solar installation. Pay this fee to your distribution utility. According to Meralco, there are two types, which have different inclusions depending on which type you are going to apply for.
  • Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Certificate of Commerciality – this certificate costs Php 1,500.
  • Fee for the Updated Electrical or Building Plan authorized by the PEE. The fee for this is estimated at Php 10,000. Although, it does vary depending on the structure of your property.

The Benefits You Can Receive from Net-Metering

The Benefits You Can Receive from Net-Metering

After the initial inspections and submission of necessary requirements for net metering application, you can now reap its benefits.

  • Reduced Electricity Costs

When you find yourself spending more than you should on energy costs, net metering will help you reduce the costs you spend annually. As explained by Meralco, you can export energy that you did not use to the power grid, allowing you to earn bill credits. This means that you can greatly benefit from the program if you generate more energy than you consume because the utility distributor will credit you for that excess energy.

  • Relieve the Load of the Grid

As a homeowner or a business owner, it will be a great help to take pressure off the grid by producing sustainable energy, especially during the times of peak power consumption. Net-metering is a great motivation to rely on renewable energy and promote its advantages that haven’t been utilized enough. If you want to be responsible for an active role in energy production, then this program is for you.

  • Environmentally-Friendly Solution

The world is always at risk of potentially dangerous elements that can harm the environment. Using renewable energy allows you to combat this but net-metering is a great example of pushing forward sustainability. Not only will you benefit from it personally, but you are also doing more for the environment because you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.


Key Takeaway

Net Metering is one of the best programs that will allow you to maximize your solar panel installation to its highest potential. The tremendous effects of renewable energy for your home will be an agent of sustainability not only for your area but for the environment as well.

Start now and make the most out of your system with Net-Metering!


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