3 Reasons Why You Should Apply for Net Metering

3 Reasons Why You Should Apply for Net Metering

Why should you apply for net metering?

  1. You can save money or earn credits
  2. It takes some pressure off the power grid
  3. It leads to a cleaner environment


Solar panel prices in the Philippines can be intimidating at first glance. They are an investment—one with guaranteed returns in the long run. The rate of solar panel efficiency in the Philippines is quite high since it’s a tropical country, making installing solar panels an excellent decision.

However, with all the energy that solar panels are able to generate from the sunlight, it may be possible that some of it won’t even be used. Now that summer has arrived, electricity consumption is at its peak. This won’t be much of a problem if you have solar panels installed in your home and if you apply for net metering.

Here are reasons why you should apply for net metering:

You Can Save Money or Earn Credits

You Can Save Money or Earn Credits

Net metering is pretty simple. Suppose your solar panels have generated 100 kWh during the day, and you used up 80 kWh during the night. What happens is that the excess 20 kWh will be transferred to the power grid, and you will get credits for it. On the other hand, if you spend an excess of 20 kWh, then that 20 kWh will be all you have to pay for. Either way is a good scenario because you get to gain something from it.

Although, keep in mind that your electric power distribution company (Meralco) will not give you the money you earn for it. What you can do to utilize the credits they give you is to maximize your “electric consumption” during the days when the sun is not out!


It Takes Some Pressure Off the Power Grid

The power grid is operational 24/7 as it supplies power to entire cities. This is why, occasionally, technical difficulties and blackouts occur. With net metering, some of the grid’s load is removed from it.

Depending on the energy consumption, the energy generated by one house can potentially be enough to power three houses. This means that the more households install solar panels and apply for net metering, the more likely it is to take some pressure off the power grid and the less likely it is for disruptions to occur.

It Leads to a Cleaner Environment

It Leads to a Cleaner Environment

Sadly, not everyone could afford solar panels priced in the Philippines. As a result, a number of households in the country are still relying on fossil fuels to supply their electricity. However, since net metering takes the pressure off the power grid, the total number of harmful emissions a community usually produces has been lessened—an important step to take towards a cleaner environment!


Key Takeaway

As you can see, applying for net metering brings about huge benefits. It’s not just a great way to maximize the energy generated from your solar panels, it’s also a way for you to gain credits from your power distributor while also reducing your carbon footprint.

If you are thinking of installing solar panels in your own home or if you already have some, be sure to apply for net metering. Doing so doesn’t only help you, but other people and the environment as well!


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