Sustaining Progress: Benefits of a Clean Energy Shift

Sustaining Progress: Benefits of a Clean Energy Shift

What are the benefits of pushing towards a clean energy shift?

  1. Improves economic progress by aiding the labor sector
  2. Significant ROI
  3. Continuous innovation and milestones


Investing in a solar system in the Philippines is an achievement on its own. This indicates that you are finally ready for the global standard for sustainability and economic progress. But more than that, investing and installing it in your home provides the opportunity for a clean energy shift.

A clean energy shift happens when there has been a significant change in your lifestyle that promotes being environment-friendly. It could be as small as committing to properly storing your wastes, or as big as choosing to install a solar system in your Philippine home and business establishment.

If you are still deciding on the latter, then you might want to consider the benefits that come with it.

Improves Economic Progress by Aiding the Labor Sector

Improves Economic Progress by Aiding the Labor Sector

According to a report by Greenpeace, the integration of renewable energy to society can bring about economic progress because green energy projects are responsible for 4 times more job generation as compared to oil or non-renewable energy investments.

The steady increase in jobs in the renewable energy combats those in the fossil fuel economy. In our country, fossil fuels are the primary source of energy but the benefits of renewable energy should promote a change in that standard.

Fossil fuels have been proven as an outdated and environmentally hazardous source of energy, which is not suitable for industries in the long run. The rise in renewable energy projects can exhibit more opportunities for people to secure jobs which will result in a significant increase in revenues and investments.


Significant Return-On-Investments

There is a common misconception that renewable energy sources are insignificant investments because they are expensive and the alternative energy source is cheaper. However, this statement is false.

Investing in renewable energy brings in new jobs to people that can boost a country’s economy. In addition, shifting to clean energy will reduce the county’s costs of energy consumption. The significant impact of renewable energy development can be utilized by homes, industries, and small-scale businesses in both the rural and urban area.

The misconceptions about clean energy shift remain assumptions because one must fully invest in renewable energy sources to come across concrete testaments to its sustainable capabilities and potential.

Continuous Innovation and Milestones

Continuous Innovation and Milestones

The renewable energy production is experiencing continuous innovation. It is slowly turning to an affordable energy source. This effort recognizes the demand for renewable energy even in third-world countries like the Philippines and Costa Rica. For instance, the latter has 98.53% usage in renewable energy production.

The Philippines is also moving towards it. The Republic Act 9513 (Renewable Energy Law) is the “act promoting the development, utilization, and commercialization of renewable energy sources and for other purposes”. Basically, it pushes the country towards a clean energy shift. Since its implementation in 2008, local industries saw a huge boom in the number of businesses using solar energy as their power source. As a result, more foreign entities are showing interest in investing towards these companies.


Key Takeaway

The benefits listed above will be continuously received by the countries, organizations, and individuals who are moving towards a clean energy shift.

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