4 Jobs in the Environment and Sustainability Industry


Sustainable lifestyle is becoming popular because of the initiative of people to support various green movements promoted by different environmental organizations. You can start switching to the sustainable lifestyle by doing practical habits, such as, reducing your electricity and water consumption, opting for organic food, and purchasing and installing solar panels. In the Philippines, green jobs are emerging because of the growing concern of the citizens to the worldwide problem—climate change.


Do you see yourself as an agent in the conservation and protection of Mother Earth? You can help preserve it by jumping to careers in the environment and sustainability industry.


Atmospheric Scientist

The Atmospheric Science is a branch of Science that deals with the study of the atmosphere of the Earth and anything that is related to it. This branch of Science covers meteorology, too. Atmospheric scientist studies the air pollution, effects of a company’s operation on the environment, and weather. He or she also studies and predicts atmospheric conditions and events, which enables him or her to understand the climate patterns and effects of the pollution.


A bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science is the suitable course to take if you want to delve in this type of career. On the other hand, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Microbiology, and Online Geoscience degrees are also preferable courses to take if you desire to work as an atmospheric scientist.

Conservation Scientist

The promotion of the safe, ecological, and responsible interactions with the natural land is done by a conservation scientist. He or she manages the uses of the natural resources and makes sure that these are still maintained and protected. A conservation scientist may choose his or her area of focus, such as natural forest protection and soil and water conservation.


An aspiring conservation scientist may take degrees, such as Agricultural or Environmental Science courses.


Ecotourism Guide

The growth of global travel has been seen in the past ten years. Good thing, most of these travel adventure promotes environmental awareness, low carbon travel events, and operates strong ecological theme. The specialist that has the knowledge of sustainability and environmental issues in a travel organization is called ecotourism guide. The duty of the ecotourism guide is not only to join their guests to their travel destination but to inform them as well as how local history and origin of the place relates to the ecology and environment.


There is no specific degree to be an ecotourism guide. However, relevant courses, such as tourism would be an ideal option. A deep understanding of the cultural anthropology, environmental studies, and sustainability is also important to be an efficient ecotourism guide.

Sustainability Researcher

A sustainability researcher is responsible for conducting surveys and interviews about various economic or social factors, writing of reports that contain research findings, and finding ways to how companies can practice sustainability.


A degree related to economic, environment, and social sustainability is an ideal path when you want to be a sustainability researcher.



We all know that we need to do our part to conserve and protect the environment. One efficient way to do this is to live sustainably. Switching to the sustainable lifestyle is a lifetime commitment. However, you can start small. Start simple by encouraging ecological habits at your own home. And if you really want to make a difference, explore the environment and sustainable careers!


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