What To Do After Installation of Solar Panels?

What To Do After Installation of Solar Panels?

What to do after the installation of your solar panels?

  1. Conduct your own solar panel check
  2. Add solar panels to your home insurance
  3. Consistently monitor your electricity usage
  4. Review your electricity bills
  5. Schedule solar panel maintenance


  • Learning what to do after the installation of solar panels is important as it is the period where all advantages begin.
  • Regularly check, monitor, and maintain your solar panels for maximum benefits and sustainability.

The transition to renewable energy involves several crucial considerations. While it often feels like a leap of faith, thorough planning is necessary both during and after installation to kickstart your home’s energy independence.

Post-installation steps are particularly significant, as they mark the beginning of your solar energy journey. It’s essential to address various details as you adapt to this alternative system. This article serves as a guide on what to do after the installation of your solar panels.

Conduct Your Own Solar Panel Check

Once the panels are in place, conduct a thorough visual inspection to ensure there is no damage or debris on the panels. Check the connections, including wiring and cables, to confirm they are intact and unfrayed. While you are on the roof, review its condition to ensure that the installation of the panels has not compromised its integrity.

To ensure your solar panel setup is correctly maintained, consult reliable suppliers for expert insights. Their industry experience allows them to provide valuable tips and tricks to help you monitor the health of your investment. They also supply comprehensive literature, including detailed manuals and warranty documents, to guide you through the maintenance and care of your solar panels.

Add Solar Panels to Your Home Insurance

Add Solar Panels to Your Home Insurance

There are many of important paperwork involved in this investment. From warranty and clearances to incentive applications, home insurance is one of the pieces of paperwork done after the installation.

Home insurance is a property insurance. It covers losses and damages to your home. This can be furnishings, appliances, or other assets inside your residence.

Revising this insurance to accommodate your solar panels is important. It can help provide liability coverage on these features. Solar panel is not a cheap investment. Protecting them from accidents is key to avoiding a big loss on your part. This is helpful in a country that experiences many storms and typhoons like the Philippines.

Consistently Monitor Your Electricity Usage

When you have your solar panels installed, you can now experience all the advantages of renewable energy. However, certain practices need to be adopted to maximize the benefits of solar energy.

Consistently monitoring your usage helps you navigate this step. You can do this through electricity apps and websites. It lets you learn which appliances or times of day demand more electricity.

With this in mind, you can change lifestyle choices to optimize your use of your solar panels better. It is not about giving up certain conveniences of technology. Often, it is about changing when you use it.

Review Your Electricity Bills

Comparing pre- and post-installation bills can help verify if your panels generate the expected amount of energy and reduce your reliance on the grid.

For instance, if your average monthly electricity bill was $150 before installation and drops to $50 after, you can confirm that the panels are offsetting a significant portion of your energy consumption. Monitoring these changes also helps identify any potential issues with the system, such as decreased performance or malfunctions, allowing for timely maintenance and adjustments.

Schedule Solar Panel Maintenance

Schedule Solar Panel Maintenance

The most important post-setup move is maintenance. Solar panels, like appliances, need regular maintenance to function properly. This includes checking on the mounts, bolts, obstructions, and dirt.

Regularly giving them a sweep or a wipe can make your harvesting more effective. It allows your panels to absorb more sun to provide the energy you need. While a consistent routine is helpful, cleaning the solar panels after weather-related conditions is necessary too.

You can also opt for professional maintenance of your setup. This service is an excellent way to check your investment’s state thoroughly. Although, maintaining your solar panel is minimal and simple, hiring experts every year or two will ensure the health of your greener energy source.

At Solaric, as a trusted solar panel provider in the Philippines, we offer our clients after-sales service. This ensures a worry-free experience with the panels we install at your home or business.

Key Takeaway

Learning what to do after the installation of solar panels is important as It is the period where all advantages begin.

Solaric is your complete-package partner on all things solar energy. We offer clients quality solar panels and equipment to make your home more sustainable.

As your trusted supplier, we provide comprehensive services to ensure you are on the right track. Contact us today and experience an unparalleled solar panel service!


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