Ever curious about the numbers displayed on your AirSAFE95 and AS-MAX air purifier and filtration units? What do they mean and how do they keep the air safe?

PM = Particulate Matter

Particulate Matter, or commonly abbreviated as PM, are particle pollution that can be a mixture of solid and liquid particles suspended in the air. It is commonly a term for airborne pollutants that vary in sizes and composition such as smoke, pollen, pet dander, mold, soot, and dirt.


The AirSAFE with its Japanese AI technology and particulate matter sensor can identify pollutants on its surrounding area and automatically adjust its fan speed. The displayed number you can see on an AS95 and AS-MAX’s panel board is its built-in particulate matter indicator which shows the number of particulates currently being detected by the AirSAFE in the area.

The numbers will change depending on the pollution found in the air, such as dust, dirt, soot, smoke, or other particles that can be visible to the naked eye.

0-80 = indicator turns to Green, which means the area is clean and stable
81-120 = indicator turns to Blue, which means the unit can sense minimal particulates or fog in the area (moderate)
121-160 = indicator turns to Yellow, which means 50% of the area is polluted
161-500 = indicator turns to Red, which means the quality of the air in the area is harmful

If the indicator turns red, you may notice a sudden adjustment in the fan speed if you are in auto mode. This will decrease on its own when it determines that the air in the surrounding area is clean and stable. If not, you may need to manually increase the fan speed to filter out the air faster.

Even without the specific particulate matter number indicator, the same color system applies for the AirSAFE40 model.

The AirSAFE Series

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