• 05/27/2021

First introduced last 2020, the #AirSAFE40 was a complete hit and was immediately sold out just after 3 months from arrival. This small but incredible air purifier came to fruition because we love our families and we wanted to secure their safety at all times. During the height of the pandemic when everyone was panic buying alcohol and disinfectants, we developed an air purifier for safer air, featuring replacement filters. We knew that this one would certainly have all the features required to deliver clean air, which was pretty uncommon in the market. We wanted to create one with a competitive CADR rate, so that we can efficiently sterilize our personal spaces and offices.

The AirSCRUB40

The AirSCRUB40

For as low as Php 7,000, you can finally get an #AirSAFE40 which is perfect for 11-22sqm room size. This portable, quiet, but powerful air purifier is capable of dealing serious airborne threats with its CADR rating of 150m3h. Equipped with a standard H11 HEPA filter with an option for H13, the AirSAFE40 also comes with an antibacterial filter, cold catalyst and carbon filter, anion purifier and anti-microbial treatment as well as an internal UV light to kill bacteria and virus trapped inside the filter box. From the minimum residential standard that we have set at 30 minutes, the AirSAFE40 was able to clear out visible smoke in less than 10 minutes!

Also available: The AirSAFE95

We also have a bigger unit that is perfect for larger rooms of 34-58sqm and medical applications or clinic use, the #AirSAFE95. With triple filtration power of 488m3h, pre-filter, humidifier, and ability to be able to filter the air 12 to 15 times per hour, it becomes a big hit for the health care industry.

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