When buying an air purifier, the most common thing you will encounter is the HEPA filter. What is a HEPA filter and how does it work?

What is a HEPA filter?

What is a HEPA filter?

HEPA filter or high-efficiency particulate air filter is designed to effectively capture harmful particles in almost every size through a very fine mesh similar to a kitchen sieve. HEPA filters are known to be very crucial components of air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and air-conditioning or ventilating units.

When combined with other outer filters that trap larger particles likes hair, dust, and pet dander, it reduces the strain in the HEPA filter and helps it capture the even tinier particles like pollen, mold, viruses, and allergens at a highly effective rate by trapping them on its fibers through impact, interception, and diffusion. Larger particles can’t get past through these net of fibers upon impact and is straightaway captured while smaller particles are intercepted along the way as they pass through the filter and stick. The even smaller particles that are invisible to the eye are captured through diffusion. This involves the science of Brownian motion. These tiny particles are so small; they barely have mass which makes them bounce around when they hit with a gas molecule, causing them to hit the fibers and eventually get stuck.



When choosing and understanding how a HEPA filter should work, a HEPA grade can help you compare its efficiency. The general HEPA grade standard ranges from H10 to H12 and can trap particles that are greater than or equal to 0.3 microns in 99.997% efficiency.

The AirSAFE units are equipped with an H11 grade filter but it can also be upgraded up to H13. The H13 has a denser fiber and falls under the medical grade. They are commonly used in medical and health care facilities that are more exposed in dangerous toxins and have a greater particulate retention rate. The AirSAFE series are only few of the air purifiers that comes with replacement filters currently locally available in the market. Not to mention, it also has an internal UV light that can effectively kill a variety of airborne bacteria, viruses and microorganisms that are trapped in the filter box.

The following are the current prices for AirSAFE filters:

AS40 H11 filter : P1,900
AS40 H13 filter: P2,750
AS95 H11 filter: P3,500
AS95 H13 filter: P4,800
AS-MAX H13 filter: P6,900

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