• 04/02/2021

It’s been a year ever since the lockdowns have started and almost a year since we launched our AirSAFE series. To ensure that your units are still filtering the best out of your air, take a quick check if your filters are still in good condition and if not, it might be the best to replace them now to ensure AirSAFE’s efficiency.

One of the most unique advantages of AirSAFE is that it comes with replacement filters available for purchase anytime. This is something that the Solaric’s R&D department kept in mind when we noticed the scarcity of available replacement filters in the market. Solaric has all filters in stock for all the unit models: AS40, AS95, AS-MAX and bladeless fan. There’s no need for the hassle to buy a brand new unit if your filter becomes too dirty to use.

Replacing filters

Replacing filters

The frequency on when to replace the filters vary from 3 to 6 months, in some cases up to one year, depending on how heavily polluted the area is. There is no exact filter replacement indicator in the unit to tell you if the filters need to be replaced but your AirSAFE units will give you a signal if it does. For example, if the light indicator continues to be red with no signs of changes even after an hour of turning on the machine can signify that your filters are needed to be replaced. There are also ways to prolong the lifespan of your filters by vacuuming and drying them under the sun every once in a while. Make sure to wear masks and gloves if possible for safety.

Filter costs

Every filter sets purchased comes with a Carbon/Cold Catalyst and Antibacterial Cloth/HEPA filter. The pre-filter that filters out larger particles in the AS95 and AS-MAX models are not replaceable, and can be washed to clean instead to ensure AirSAFE’s efficiency.

  • AS 40 H11 filter: P1,900
  • AS 40 H13 filter: P2,750
  • AS 95 H11 filter: P3,500
  • AS 95 H13 filter: P4,800
  • AS MAX H13 filter: P6,900

Why choose AirSAFE?

With built-in Japanese pollution sensors, the AirSAFE can detect harmful airborne particles that are invisible to the naked eye. It comes with powerful motors and fans that automatically speeds up to address the pollution level, sucking and filtering the air through its 7 stages of filtration. AirSAFE has a higher CADR or clean air delivery ratio values compared to other brands and comes with a 99.995% HEPA filter and cold catalyst/carbon filters. The internal UV box located on the AirSAFE units can easily kill tiny harmful organisms trapped inside the filter box.

The Solaric’s bladeless fan is also not just your ordinary fan in the market. It is a purfier and bladeless fan in one! It comes with dual HEPA and carbon filters on the sides, providing clean air and it is also very safe for kids!



The AirSAFE series composed of AS40, AS95, AS-MAX, bladeless fan with HEPA filters, and LiFeForce motorcycle batteries are available now in Lazada and Shopee! Enjoy hassle-free shopping and 25% discount on all these products until April 4, 2021!


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