Aside from its impressive Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), state-of-the-art pollution sensors and filters, did you know that the AirSAFE also comes with an internal UV light as part of its seven stages of air filtration?

What is a UV light?

UV-light or ultraviolet light is an invisible type of electromagnetic radiation, packed with energy greater than visible light but lesser than x-rays. They are used in tanning and also commonly blamed for the unwanted sunburns, and worse, skin cancers when exposed too much to its radiation. The most popular source of UV light is the sun but advancement in technology has allowed us to produce it for various medical, industrial, and commercial purposes.

How does UV light in air purifiers work?

What is a UV light?

Disinfecting surfaces using UV light is not uncommon. UV air filtration effectively deals with airborne pollutants such as germs, viruses, and microbes by destroying the DNA of these microorganisms, subduing and destroying its genetic material, preventing them from reproducing.

The internal UV light, together with the pre-filter, carbon and cold catalyst, and HEPA filter in your AirSAFE work closely to purify and effectively eliminate harmful and illness causing particulates in the air. Despite its destructive sounding capabilities, the UV light inside your AirSAFE units are completely safe to use for your family in your homes.

Observing the best health practices

Observing the best health practices

Observing the basic health protocols, and prevention, are the best ways to deal with variants, such as the newly detected Omicron variant in the country. The AirSAFE has already been a popular choice in the medical and healthcare community as an extra precautionary measure that we can implement to avoid the spread of the virus in our homes and workplaces.

The AirSAFE series

If our drinking water runs through many stages of filtration to be fit to drink, so should the air we breathe, especially in public spaces like offices or in your private sanctuaries like your homes. The AirSAFE also has eadily available replacement filters which is very uncommon in the local market.

The AirSAFE40 which is perfectly designed for more residential and portable use is equipped with cold catalyst and activated carbon filter, an internal UV light, and a 99.995% high efficiency H11 HEPA filter – which can also be upgraded to H13, to make sure that every organism that are trapped inside the filter box are killed.

Meanwhile, the AirSAFE95 is made for more heavy duty use and is packed with more additional features. With anoutstanding CADR of 488m3/h perfect for medium to large rooms of 44-68sqm, it comes with state of the art pollution control sensors, pre-filter as an additional first line of defense for larger floating air particles, and a built-in humidifier which can make the environment less favorable for the viruses.

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