The strain caused by COVID-19 and the reverberations that echoed globally had a significant impact to all of us the past two years. Millions of Filipinos have lost their jobs. The intermittent implementation of ECQ, MECQ and alert level 4 in various places in the country due to the Delta variant resulted into yet another surge in positive cases and overflow of patients in the hospitals, as well as another massive hit for the country’s economy. Even though the health experts were inclined to extend the alert level 4 for Metro Manila, the IATF decided to bring down the alert to level 3 to open more opportunities for business establishments, to reawaken the economy, and to bring back 300,000 jobs to the NCR region.

With the easing of lockdown to level 3, it is expected that most of the service sectors can now be reopened and increase its operating capacity. Abiding to the health protocols and investing into safety of your employees and customers have been a key factor on why a lot of people and organizations get AirSAFE for their office and businesses.

AirSAFE for Workplaces

AirSAFE for Workplaces

Safety is paramount. Experts have been recommending outdoor dining and ample ventilation for closed spaces like corporations and offices. But what if you work in a room with no windows or ventilation system? How can you mitigate the risks of getting sick at your workplace?

If there is improper ventilation and poor indoor air quality, the risk of viral transmissions at workplaces is very high especially with the likes of the COVID-19 Delta variant. Investing in good quality air purifiers with massive clean air delivery rate (CADR) can be the most effective and plausible way to achieve cleaner and safer air quality.

The AirSAFE Technology

If our drinking water runs through many stages of filtration to be fit to drink, so should the air we breathe, especially in public spaces like offices or private sanctuaries like your home. The AirSAFE series has already been a popular product line ever since it was released mid-year of 2020, especially with the medical and healthcare professionals. There are also readily available replacement filters, which is very uncommon in the local market.

Filtering the air per cubic meter

In enclosed indoor spaces, what matters the most is how fast you can filter the air per cubic meter. The AirSAFE technology uses best-in-class suction fans to move mass volumes of air spaces through our incredible clean air delivery rate, HEPA filtration process and internal UV light treatment for nonstop disinfection.


The AirSAFE40 is perfectly designed for residential spaces and portable use. It is equipped with cold catalyst and activated carbon filter, an internal UV light, and a 99.995% high efficiency H11 HEPA filter – which can also be upgraded to H13, to make sure that every organism trapped inside the filter box is killed.


Meanwhile, the heavy duty AirSAFE95, is packed with more additional features and an outstanding CADR of 488m3/h perfect for medium to large rooms of 44-68sqm. It comes with state of the art pollution control sensors, pre-filter as an additional first line of defense for larger floating air particles, and a built-in humidifier which can make the environment less favorable for the viruses.

Reopening our economy has to be done in a safe and sustainable manner without sacrificing the safety of our employees and customers. Always strive to keep everything around you safe – including the air – with AirSAFE.

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