Summer Time Care for Your Solar Panels Priced in the Philippines

Summer Time Care for Your Solar Panels Priced in the Philippines

What are the different ways you could care for your solar panels priced in the Philippines?

  1. Allot space between the roof and the panels during installation
  2. Regularly remove dirt build-up
  3. Put up curtains to lessen the heat coming into your home


Summertime is the perfect season to harvest solar energy from the sun that can be converted to electrical energy.

During summer, there is bound to be an abundance of sunlight that can be harvested due to longer days which equates to extra hours rendered for harvesting sunlight.

Due to the global positioning of the Philippines, which is near the Earth’s equator, Filipinos definitely have an advantage with regards to the possible amount of sunlight harvested.

But, despite the reasonable price of solar panels in the Philippines, this fragile equipment should still be given extra TLC.

The solar panels should never be stepped on, because pressure – even slight pressure from stepping, leaning, or sitting on it, can cause micro cracks and future issues. Treat the solar panel as a fragile piece of equipment, even if the glass is pretty tough and tempered.

The summer season may be the ideal period for optimum harvesting, but it also comes with a possible threat to the solar panels which is why there are several methods of caring for the solar panels that are highly necessary for the summer period.

Fortunately, this article tackles the various ways you could care for your solar panels this summer time.

So, if you want to know how to defend your panels from the detrimental effects of  high heat and humidity, then just keep on reading.

Allot Space Between the Panels and the Roof

Allot Space Between the Panels and the Roof

Like the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”; meaning, you should make sure during the installation phase that your solar panels are not directly sticking on to the roof.

The space between the two will provide the needed ventilation for optimum conversion.

Keep in mind that excessive heat will lessen the abilityof a solar panel in converting solar radiation into electrical energy.

This specific installation arrangement does not only ensure that the capacity of solar panels to convert energy is maximized, but also prevents over-heating of the solar panels.

The air ventilation among the panels is made possible by the gap between the panels and the roof, which is highly essential, especially during the scorching summer in the Philippines.


Clean the Panels

Heavy filth build-up—which commonly consists of dust, dirt, and sometimes bird droppings—often occurs during the summer period. Doing so ensures that the solar panels are functioning at their maximum potential.  

Such condition is not much of a concern during the rainy season in the Philippines because the heavy rainfall already washes away the dirt, especially for panels attached to a roof with a steep tilt.

Luckily, cleaning solar panels is fairly easy.

Even just by aiming the hose at the panels and lightly spraying clean water should already be sufficient for a quick clean up. There’s no need for you to climb up to the roof.

In some case wherein the mere spraying of clean water is not enough to remove the debris from the panel, a thorough cleaning may be needed.

Unlike the simpler method, this one requires someone to go up to the roof. But, don’t worry because it’s not a complicated task.

Even the tools needed are common household items (mild detergent cleaners and a soft cloth). Once you’re ready to do the cleaning, just make sure that you use a light hand, since the panels are basically made of glass—thus can be easily scratched or shattered.

Block out the External Heat

Block out the External Heat

In the Philippines, not only is it terribly hot during the summer, even the wind carries significantly warm air.

With such weather condition, turning on the AC units is no longer a want, but rather a necessity or else individuals may suffer from heat stroke. But, due to the scorching external heat, it may take a considerable amount of time before the appliances reach the desired temperature.

To prevent the external heat from penetrating inside the room, place simple yet effective obstructions, such as thick curtains.

Doing so would lessen the need for extra cooling, thus, lowering the power consumption. Remember that excessive consumption of energy paired with the intense heat could be damaging to the solar panels.

This tip is also advised during the times that no one is home, since such setting allows the space to cool down better.


Key Takeaway

There are various ways to protect your solar panels priced in the Philippines this summer. Taking care of them can be as simple as putting up several thick curtains and regularly cleaning. Also, be sure that there is adequate spacing between the panels and the roof, which should be done during the installation process.


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