Solar Panel Price Philippines: How to Make a Solar Still

Solar Panel Price Philippines How to Make a Solar Still

How do you make a solar still?

  1. Pick the right location that has a lot of space
  2. Dig a hole around two feet wide and a foot and a half deeps
  3. Place a liquid container in the middle
  4. Cover the pit with a plastic sheet
  5. Wait for the water

Solar energy has become one of the most abundant energy sources across the world, and it has helped usher in the era of renewable energy. Solar energy has become more accessible and affordable, with solar panel prices in the Philippines lower than it ever has been in the past few years.

While solar energy is commonly known as a power source that helps generate electricity, you can actually harness solar power as a way to survive as well. This comes in the form of a solar still, and is something that work very well in some of the hottest and driest climates, like deserts. They are very effective, as they are able to generate water in conditions where it is rare. If you are interested in building one, here are some steps on how to make your own solar still:

Pick the Right Location

Pick the Right Location

The first thing that you need to look for before making your own solar still is to find the right location to place it. Solar Stills need a lot of space to be able to pull it off, so finding an open field would be your best option.


Dig a Hole

Once you have found the ideal location, the next step is to dig a sizeable hole that would be able to catch enough water you need. The ideal size would be around two feet long and wide, and around a foot and a half deep. It is best if you have a shovel or spade with you so that your digging would be faster.

Optional: Add Vegetation

Optional: Add Vegetation

While this would not be possible if you are in a very dry environment like a desert, adding vegetation on a solar still would help you get more water at a faster rate.The plants help bring about more moisture, which helps with the whole process.


Place a Container in the Middle

Once you have your hole dug in well, it is time to place a container in the middle. It is best to have a large water container to be able to get more water. Make sure that the container is secure on the ground, so that it won’t fall over and spill your water. You wouldn’t want to waste all that water in a very dry environment.


Cover the Pit

Once you have everything in the hole set, it is time to cover it with a plastic sheet. Make sure the sheet does not reach the bottom of the pit, and add some weight on each corner, and add a small weight in the middle, which should be under the container. Seal all the sides with dirt and sand to prevent moisture from getting out.

Wait for the Water

Wait for the Water

After a few hours, you would notice that there would be drops of water going to your container, this would mean that your still is working fine. Depending on the size of the container, it would take around 1 to 2 days until you would be able to have a full container of water.


Key Takeaway

Making a solar still is one fundamental survival skill that you need to have when you are going outdoors, as you would be able to provide yourself with a solid liquid supply that would help you survive. The next time you go out hiking or exploring in the vast wilderness, make sure that you have this skill in your arsenal.


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