• 12/18/2018

A Christmas Gift from Solaric to A Home for the Angels


Solar Digital Squad
Manila, Philippines
December 2, 2018


According to a recent survey, up to 100 children are abandoned and turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development every two months. With Christmas fast approaching, these children will not have a family to rejoice and celebrate with. Solaric, the leading provider of solar panels in the Philippines, discovered this and Founders Mike and Jade De Guzman decided that turning on the sun will have no real value if it didn’t come with turning on the kindness too.


A Home for the Angels

In 1995, too many newborn babies were being abandoned in public comfort rooms and garbage dumps. Appalled by the horror of such lack of humanity, A Home for the Angels was built to shelter unwanted and abandoned children. The sanctuary is situated on the corner of Augusto Francisco and Coral Streets in San Andres, Bukid.

To this day, more than 600 abandoned babies have been saved by this house and nurtured with hope and love. That summarizes its vision: a loving family and home for every child.

Turn On The Kindness

Upon visiting A Home for the Angels, Solaric conducted a site inspection on the 2-storey house that ran a 24/7 operation and noticed a stack of high electric bills. That’s when Solaric decided to step in and give the abandoned angels a Christmas gift they needed and deserved.

“There is a great need for solar. Not only for A Home for the Angels, but for the entire country,” says Mike De Guzman, President of Solaric Corp.

Solaric installed solar panels on the roof of the home. Now, the angels can enjoy the benefits of unlimited and guilt-free aircon during daytime. Savings from this solar investment will be used for better quality healthcare, education, and a Christmas celebration for the children.

“Thank you so much Solaric for answering our prayers. You are heaven-sent. We are so grateful. Such a big blessing!” says the Founder of A Home for the Angels, with tears of joy in her eyes.

This Christmas, let us all join hands and celebrate the spirit of love and giving. Let’s all #TurnOnTheKindness.


Leader in rooftop solar

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Regina Rome is a solar analyst with the Solar Digital Squad Research.