3 Industries That Can Benefit from Solar Panels

3 Industries That Can Benefit from Solar Panels

What industries can benefit from solar panels?

  1. Agriculture
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Commercial


With generous grants, tax incentives, and the falling prices of solar panels in the Philippines, industries and businesses of all types are in the best position to reap the benefits of solar energy.

Agricultural operations, commercial businesses, and manufacturing industries alike can save on their electricity costs by installing a solar power system. In addition, they can also reduce their tax burdens as well as get ahead of any potential energy price increase. Here are 3 examples of how these industries can benefit from solar panels.



Common agricultural operations in the Philippines such as rice farms, hog farms, or poultry farms use a lot of electricity. Typically, these operations also have a lot of open roofs and floor spaces available that get plenty of sunlight.

Take a poultry farm for example. The farmers must maintain a consistent temperature throughout the year so that the birds can live and grow comfortably. This is achieved by running electric fans and sometimes even temperature control systems; either way, it costs electricity to run. Installing a solar power system on the roofs of these facilities allows the poultry farmers to switch to a clean source of energy.

Also, depending on the location of the farm, the farmers may receive generous grants and tax incentives from the government—making the switch to solar power a very sound business decision.


The entire process of manufacturing typically uses a substantial amount of electricity, especially if they operate seven days a week. This makes it a suitable candidate for solar energy. Factories and manufacturing plants usually operate in large buildings with ample roof space which is perfect for installing solar panels.

Manufacturers and factory owners that make the switch to solar energy stand to save thousands of pesos on electricity costs over time. This can also be a way for you to hedge against inevitable energy price increases, ensuring that your company remains effective but competitive. Similar to agricultural applications, manufacturing industries are also eligible to receive certain tax incentives depending on their location.


Commercial businesses such as department stores, office buildings, and cold storages can also potentially see a similar return on their investment. In fact, a commercial business that is open during Sundays (e.g. shopping malls, auto dealerships, etc.) can also greatly benefit from solar.

These businesses are perfectly suited for solar power because they typically have plenty of roof space available, which is usually exposed to a lot of sunlight. Large, commercial businesses require a large amount of electricity for lights, air conditioning, and other utilities in order to best serve their customers. Switching to solar can help curb some of these costs in order to reduce your expenses and increase revenue.


Key Takeaway

Industries are quickly learning about how using a clean and renewable source of energy like solar power can help their business become more energy independent as well as cut costs.

As the prices of solar panels here in the Philippines become more economical, companies of all shapes and sizes in almost every industry are now making solid moves towards a more eco-friendly and brighter future.


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