What happens exactly to the solar panels?

What happens exactly to the solar panels

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels use both direct or indirect sunlight to generate power – however, PV panels are most effective in direct sunlight. What about when it is cloudy, or when the light is blocked by clouds? Your Solar panels in the Philippines will still work, but will not harvest as much power as they would when the sun is shining bright.


Myth buster: Solar does work when it’s raining

When it’s raining, solar power systems still work – they still generate power. Solar panels operate at maximum efficiency in the midst of the full, bright sun, but your solar panels in the Philippines don’t stop when it’s cloudy or raining. Why? It is because visible light still gets through the rain and clouds. Rain also does something good for solar panels. The rain actually helps clean the solar panels, which in turn causes the panels to operate more efficiently because dust and dirt are washed away. Just think of it this way. When it’s raining, the solar panels do not produce as much electricity as they’d normally do a sunny day, but they get cleaned, so it’s like sending the car to the car wash.


Is that a fact?

Is that a fact

Yes, people still struggle with believing the fact that solar still works during cloudy and rainy days. Let’s look at it from another perspective. If solar only worked in sunny places, then how does Germany produce 20% to 30% of all its energy from solar? Here’s the answer in a nutshell: clouds do not stop the solar ultraviolet rays from shining through, which hits the PV panels and get converted to electricity. Solar companies should be transparent with their clients, however, when providing ROI analysis. In simple calculations in the Philippines, we calculate using 4.5 hours of solar harvest, to take into account the hours that the sun is shining bright. That way, clients have realistic expectations of savings from their solar systems.


Turn on the sun

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