6 Factors That Affect the Solar Panel Installation Price in the Philippines

What are some of the factors that may affect solar panel installation prices in the Philippines?

  1. Size of the system
  2. Type of solar panel
  3. Quality of solar panels
  4. Location and accessibility
  5. Inverter quality
  6. Installation company

Many households in the Philippines are considering installing solar panels as an alternative source of electricity but are worried about the cost. In this blog post, we’ll outline the factors that influence solar panel installation prices in the Philippines.

Although the cost has decreased over time, we will provide an up-to-date breakdown of both the cost and potential savings from switching to solar power.

Size of the System

Size of the System

In the Philippines, solar panel installation costs are largely determined by the size of your system. This factor includes how many panels, wiring, and labor are needed. Generally speaking, the more panels you have installed, the costlier it will be to install them – so it’s essential to carefully plan out your rooftop solar installation beforehand.

To guarantee your solar panel system is suitable for your home, it’s essential to consider your average electricity consumption. By reviewing your monthly electric bill and optimizing the size of the system according to what you need, you can maximize cost savings while still producing enough power to meet your electricity demands.

Type of Solar Panel

The type of solar panel you select for your home can significantly influence the cost of installation. Different panels come in various sizes and specifications, so choosing one that meets your needs is essential when calculating final expenses.

At Solaric, we have solutions tailored to fit any budget or requirement. To decide which option is best suited to you, have your average electric consumption over the past three months as a rough guideline.

Households with an average electricity bill of Php 12,000 should consider installing the 1.6 kWp Grid Tied solar panel system. This option works great for homes that have one or two refrigerators and air conditioning that run during the day; installation cost starts at Php 108,000.

Households with an average electricity bill of Php 15,000 should consider installing the 3.2 kWp Grid Tie Solar system. This system is ideal for homes that utilize moderate daytime appliances like refrigerators, air conditioning systems, and pool pumps; its installation cost starts at Php 183,000 on average.

Families with an average electricity bill of Php 20,000 should consider installing the 5.6 kWp Grid Tie Solar system. This solution is perfect for households that use large appliances like washing machines, vacuums, refrigerators and air conditioning systems during daytime hours; its average installation cost starts at Php 270,000.

By investing in a solar panel system and installations, you can significantly reduce your electricity bill and even contribute towards creating a more sustainable future.

Quality of Solar Panels

When selecting solar panels, quality is an essential factor to consider. Higher-grade panels tend to last longer and generate more energy, making them a wiser long-term investment; however, they are pricier than lower-quality options. While cheaper panels may seem cheaper upfront, you may end up needing more maintenance or replacements in the long run which could end up costing you more money in the end.

At Solaric, we understand the importance of selecting solar panels with a good return on investment. As the leading provider of PV installations in the Philippines, our expertise and experience allow you to select the ideal panels for your home or business. With more rooftop installations than any other solar company in the country, you can trust our expertise and experience when providing your panels.

Location and Accessibility

Location and Accessibility

Your property’s location and accessibility are important factors in determining the cost of solar panel installation. If it is hard to reach, transportation and labor expenses may be higher, driving up the installation price. On the contrary, if it is easily reachable, costs will be lower. Furthermore, consider how much sunlight your solar panels receive so they generate enough energy.

Professionals from Solaric inspect the location and space for solar panels to guarantee your property has adequate structural capacity, shape, and tilt. Additionally, we assess the material of your roof as this can affect its viability for solar energy production; if it’s made of wood or brittle shingles, installation may not be possible.

Finally, we take into account any shade from trees or buildings on your property which reduces sunlight exposure on your rooftop; for example, steeper hills require more manpower to install solar panels, which increases cost-related factors as well.

Inverter Quality

The solar power inverter is necessary to convert DC energy from your solar panel system’s DC source into AC energy that can power your home. The quality of this component directly affects its efficiency and dependability – again, although higher-grade inverters may be more costly, they guarantee optimal performance and longevity over time. Ultimately, your inverter plays a significant role in optimizing the overall performance and longevity of your system’s components, so it plays an equally important role in its cost as well.

Installation Company

Finally, the installation company you select will have an impact on the cost. It is essential to select a reputable and experienced installation firm with quality services and products. A reliable installer will guarantee your solar panel system is mounted correctly and securely while keeping their pricing reasonable.

Given the cost of solar panel installation, it’s essential that you partner with a trustworthy installer who can make the most of your investment. At Solaric, your panels are guaranteed for up to 25 years with an industry-leading 10-year product warranty and a 25-year power output guarantee.

Solaric offers competitive installation services in the Philippines, at affordable costs. Our core crew of over 50 people ensures that quality standards are maintained for all clients!

Key Takeaway

There are several factors that affect solar panel installation prices in the Philippines. By assessing these factors and finding a reputable solar company, you can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy while reducing your carbon footprint and electricity bills.

Are you ready to save on your electricity bill and achieve a #ZeroBill? Get in touch with us now! Our team of experts will explain how solar panel systems operate, providing options for homes and businesses alike.


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