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Airsafe by Solaric

COVID-19 is an airborne transmitted respiratory disease. Surviving it is to stack the odds in your favor and that starts by breathing safe air.

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How do we make your AIR really SAFE? When symptomatic or asymptomatic carriers occupy an enclosed area, there is a build up of pathogenic particles in the air. A single cough can contaminate a room for hours, while loud talking can do so in only 14 minutes. This build up is what pathologists refer to as infectious viral load. Inhale enough viral particles and your immune system gets overwhelmed, and in a few days you become a COVID statistic. 

That is why authorities mandate the use of face masks to greatly decrease this build up. However, being safe is earned by deploying layers of defense. Social distancing, PPE such as face masks and environmental PE- AirSAFE in enclosed spaces or adequate outdoor ventilation. 

Current best practices as per US CDC include cleaning the air in medical facilities as many as 10 to 15 times per hour through a HEPA filter. For residential settings, at least 2 to 4 exchanges per hour. The AS40 is ideal for up to 22sqm of room space. The AS95 is for larger spaces or if you have pets since it has a washable prefilter for cheaper service life. For restaurants and medical offices, about 4x to 10x per hour, so the AirSAFE-MAX is recommended for high traffic environments. The AS-MAX is our limited edition model – a four filtered juggernaut that can cleanse 800 cubic meters per hour of HEPA filtered air! We designed this for public spaces or really big homes as it can cover up to 98m2 with a 100W motor.


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Our AirSAFE technology uses best-in-class suction fans to move mass volumes of contaminated air spaces through our 7-stage HEPA filtration process and internal UV light treatment for nonstop disinfection. Check out our Clean Air Delivery Ratio (CADR) values.  Our cost engineering is simple, provide the most number of cubic meters per hour of screened air per peso spent without sacrificing quality and counter measures.

Smoke, foul odors, pet hair, and biological agents are suspended in respiratory droplets. With AirSAFE, even viral particles get trapped in its medical grade HEPA filter and our special blend of proprietary cold catalysts that breakdown Volatile Organic Compounds from over-disinfection and from liberal use of alcohol and toxic disinfectants.


AirSAFE40: P7,000

AirSAFE95: P15,999

AirSAFE MAX: P25,000


ETA for new units is first week of OCTOBER, but we are taking down your names and numbers for our Priority List, on a first come first served basis!


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