The airsafe series

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With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases every day and still no proven vaccines, the threat of COVID-19 continues to grow. In this battle where the enemy is invisible to the naked eye, we need to employ extreme countermeasures. With this in mind, Solaric devoted its team efforts in developing a new product – our own line of extraordinary air purifiers. We have just sold our last remaining air purifiers previously known as the AirSCRUB. We are launching more units and a new series: the AirSAFE.

Clean and virus-free air

Front view of airsafe

Breathing re-circulated air with strangers or even family members is a modern-day gamble.  Our enemy is unseen, microscopic, airborne, and staying fifteen minutes in the same room of the asymptomatic can be fatal.  At Solaric, we take active precautions to a new level by scrubbing the air with our AirSafe TM technology.  

We borrowed the same principles used in bio-defense lab HEPA filtration and coupled it with UV light disinfection of internal filters to give those pathogens no chance. This is not some sissy consumer air purifier – we reinvented it with best-in-class airflow, filtration, and capability for your home, office, or clinic – we got you covered. And yes, we have spare filters, local warranty, and the stellar customer support ready for you right here in the Solaric Showroom in Makati.

We have 3 models – the AS40 for small rooms and private spaces, the AS95 for larger rooms up to 60SQM, and the AS-MAX, for those who are truly serious about the air that they breathe and want a CADR of 300 per cubic meter per hour.

AirSAFE technology

The AirSAFE can detect and filter out pet dander, smoke, unpleasant smell and live organisms suspended in the air. It is equipped with 7 stages of filtration such as a cold catalyst and activated carbon filter, a 99.995% high efficiency HEPA filter, and an internal UV light that will surely kill tiny harmful biological agents that the unit will suck and trap inside the filter box. Equipped with a state of the art pollution control sensors, humidifier, anion purifier, Japan AI features and higher CADR or clean air delivery ratio values, the AirSAFE will make sure that you are protected in the air that you breathe.


The AirSAFE MAX is our newly limited edition industrial air purifier with an outstanding CADR of 800 cubic meters per hour! This is highly recommended for public areas or huge places where a lot of people usually pass by or stay. It comes in a classic stylish metal gray color that will surely be perfect for your home or business!

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The new stock for AirSAFE40, AirSAFE95 and the AirSAFE-MAX is coming this October 2020! Again, priorities are given to the medical community and professionals. Stay ahead of the curve because your safety is paramount.

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