Mistakes to Avoid When Using Solar Systems in the Philippines

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Solar Systems in the Philippines

What are the usual mistakes homeowners make when going solar?

  1. They opt for a solar lease and power purchase agreement that creates a huge financial impact despite the free installation.
  2. They install solar systems on an old roof.
  3. They usually do not seek information about solar efficiency and tend to spend more.


Success stories of installing solar systems in the Philippines has been making rounds and has also turned the use of solar panels as an alternative to utility grids into a trend amongst residential areas. In turn, a lot of people have opted to using this renewable energy to their advantage, especially with the decrease in its pricing.

Hold your horses though. Going solar is great in many many ways, but you need to makes sure you don’t make these common mistakes. 


Mistake No. 1: Opting for a solar lease and power purchase agreement

Choosing to sign a solar lease and power purchase agreement (PPA) is basically just renting a solar system from a solar leasing company. While this may allow you to freely install a solar system at home without shelling out to purchase the equipment, some agreements tend to last for 20 years. Solar leasing companies often gain bad reputation as they tend to make things difficult with home sales especially when potential buyers do not approve of the agreement.

Mistake No. 2: Installing the solar system on an old roof

This is a common mistake and is often among the costly ones: installing a solar system when your roof is already near its peak of replacement. Always keep in mind that the solar system is installed on the roof so the panels have easy access to direct sunlight. However, you should also note the durability of the roof; in short, make sure that the roof doesn’t need any other work done at the time of solar system installation.  Solar systems are generally designed to last for around 25 to 30 years, hence it could be wiser to proceed with the roof work first if any are needed before installing the solar system. 

Mistake No. 3: Not doing your homework about solar efficiency

Understanding how solar efficiency works isn’t rocket science, hence it is comprehensible for homeowners. The usual mindset of a potential solar owner would be to aim for an incredibly high-efficiency panel, because, well, it’s highly efficient. For homeowners, this option could be over-the-top and costly. This is where understanding your home’s energy requirement becomes significant.

An efficient solar system can be achieved with the right orientation of your panels, the approximate available hours of sunlight used for solar collection, the angle, and even the amount of ground or roof space available to you.


Quick Tip: The solar-south orientation is the most efficient way to get desirable results when it comes to collecting sunlight as it allows the most coverage during the available hours of the sun.


Key Takeaway

With these in mind, it should be easier for you to make smart decisions and successfully install the solar system while avoiding extra expenses that could make the installation costlier than they should be. The most expensive options don’t necessarily mean that it’s the best for your use. You can always achieve high-efficiency panels with the right orientation, angle, and placement of your solar panels.


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