Types of Solar PV Panels

With all the available low-cost solar panels in the Philippines, going solar is definitely within reach. There are different types that cater to different preferences of people. Knowing which of type of solar panel suits your need will enable you to choose the right solar panel for your home and can make the most out of it. Here are some of the types of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to guide you on right type of solar panels that you will install on the roof of your house.


Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell

Among all the types of solar PV panels, amorphous solar cells are the cheapest and easiest type of solar cell to produce. Amorphous solar cells are often used for low power equipment, such as pocket calculators and watches since it produces less efficient solar cells. However, with recent innovations in manufacturing this type of solar cell (called stacking), amorphous solar cell can produce high efficient solar cells by combining several layers of silicon cells. The advantages of using an amorphous solar cell are 1.) it’s flexible since the layer of its silicon is thin, and 2.) they are effective in low light levels.


Hybrid Solar Cell

Hybrid solar cell is not a natural type of a solar cell rather than a combination of amorphous silicon solar cell and monocrystalline solar cell.   This type of solar cell is the recent development in photovoltaic, which composed of a high electron transport material and an organic material. The combination of these two materials makes the power conversion efficient and generates better output. Moreover, hybrid solar cell perform its best when place in sunnier climate, which temperature can reach up to 25 degree Celsius, thus, producing more electricity.



Monocrystalline solar PV cell is the most efficient type of solar PV cell because despite its small appearance, it can produce the same amount of electricity that is produced by its counterpart solar cells. This type of solar PV cell is made from thin wafers of silicon, which is cut from an artificially grown crystal, thus, making it the most expensive among all the types of solar PV cell.

The monocrystalline rod is removed from melted silicon and it is sliced into thin plates, producing smaller solar cells. The production of this solar cell type guarantees to produce high efficient silicon. Moreover, a monocrystalline solar PV cell works best in bright and cool condition.



Just like the monocrystalline solar cell, a polycrystalline solar cell is made from thin wafers of silicon, which is cut from an artificially grown crystal. However, this type of solar cell is made from several interlocking silicon crystals, thus, making them cheaper to produce compared to its counterpart. Moreover, polycrystalline solar panel has been the most popular choice among consumers.


Whether your reasons for going solar are economic, environmental, or personal, going solar is definitely a good move. Spend some researching and learning which types of solar PV panels will suit your needs before buying your solar panels.


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