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Zero carbon homes

Zero Carbon homes are those that do not release carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thus, zero carbon emissions. When people talk about a safe, sustainable, renewable future, they are talking about a clean, healthy, and zero carbon economy and world. They are talking about sliced and diced greenhouse gas emissions – to zero. Imagine the year 2050: low-carbon electricity, efficient green buildings, solar panels in every Philippine home, and electric vehicles.


Zero bill baby

Zero bill homes are sprouting from all corners of the nation. And it is fast becoming the solar trend. Homeowners now don’t just want solar – they want a zero bill. Take the 800 square meter house featured in the 2019 summer video of Solaric. Situated in an exclusive, gated, first-class subdivision in Muntinlupa City is the two-story home of eight members. Four years ago, the monthly electric bill amounted to P25,000 to P35,000. Daytime appliances run by household include two refrigerators, one chest freezer, one standing freezer, one aircon, washing machine, and dryer, among others. Night time and weekend power consumption include up to 5 aircons. After solar installation and energization, after approval of Net Metering with Peak Off Peak, the power bill started to drop. Since 2015, the monthly bill has been Php0.00: Zero. Another zero bill baby, hence giving birth to what is now known in the social media universe as the phenomenal and mind-blowing ZBB.


Thinking about solar

Solar energy has taken the lead in providing renewable energy to countries all over the planet. In the Philippines, a tropical Southeast Asian nation, it has become the cleanest, safest, and most financially sensible option to reduce those monthly electric bills. When Filipinos contemplate on buying rooftop solar, they have various reasons: to save money, to invest in something profitable, to keep up with the pace of technology, or to contribute to a sustainable future. Some are simply concerned about the environment and the world. Now, a new reason has surfaced: to get a ZBB.


What the #ZeroBill is all about

The #ZeroBill is simple: it means free electricity. Everyone indulges in anything that is free. Who doesn’t want free power? Imagine relaxing in the comforting, cool atmosphere of an air-conditioned room, especially in the midst of the tormenting daytime Philippines heat with the global warming and climate change of today. With a solar power system in place, there is now an opportunity for every homeowner to be a consumer and a producer of power at the same time. Through the Net Metering Program, homeowners get paid for providing clean solar power to the grid. You don’t just use the power, you produce it too. This simply means that you enjoy the benefits and luxury of free power.

A large solar power system makes more sense financially and environmentally for some homeowners. Not only does an enormous solar system increase property value, it also greatly reduces the carbon footprint and contributes to a cleaner planet.


Breaking it down in simple terms

It is pretty straightforward and simple. Put plenty of solar panels on your roof and generate enough power. Then, export this power to the electric company through the Net Metering Program. In doing this, you get paid for the electricity that you will export. The #ZeroBill phenomenon is actually a benefit from being a consumer and provider.

In 2016, there were 473 net metered installations in the Philippines. As of 2018, there was a cumulative total of 19.6 MW of net metered installations registered under ERC. Today, there are over 2,000 net metered installations in the country.


How to get that zero bill

There are various ways to set up solar so that you will never have to pay for power again. Contact Solaric for a Zero Bill by calling 0917.860.3141 or 5040092 or send an email to Visit for more details.


Turn on the sun

Solaric has established its name across the renewable industry as a proven and reputable rooftop solar leader. Solaric has installed more than 50% of residential rooftop solar, and remains the number one choice for corporate and industrial solar panels in the Philippines.

At Solaric, we Turn on the Sun.


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