• 11/20/2021


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Traveling to your favorite destinations has never been easier these days especially with the easing of lockdown protocols and travel restrictions throughout the country. Whether you’ll be hopping on a plane, going by sea, or simply via a long car ride, it never hurts to pack and travel smart especially with Solaric’s breakthrough gadget of 2021: The Solaric PowerBOX!

Not just a simple box

Not just a simple box

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The Solaric PowerBOX is not your typical power bank travel companion, because let’s admit it, we always have to be ready to face any unforeseen emergencies even when we are out travelling and on vacation mode. We never know when we will be surprisingly hit by a brownout or if your car simply decides to break down in the middle of nowhere. We simply need an effective and modern solution – and it’s called the PowerBOX!

Definitely free of noise and pollution from a generator, the PowerBOX is a cube of power packed with an airline-size-legal 99Whr battery. It can charge multiple cellphones, tablets, powerbanks, laptops, and even powerup routers, electric fan, and simple appliances, so that you can keep working and stay connected even when out of the grid! The Solaric PowerBOX even comes with its own LED light to get you through the dark and a jumpstart feature should your car ever decides to shut down in the middle of nowhere.

Taking it on an extra mile

Taking it on an extra mile

Because we are Solaric and we love to go the extra mile, we have included a 20W folding solar panel as an alternative way of recharging your PowerBOX, an updated USB type C output and input for all our tech persons out there always on the go.

Portability and sustainability while traveling brought by the unheard-of box from the future has never been this awesome thanks to this must-have gadget of 2021. Make the Solaric PowerBOX your next travel buddy for only Php 8,888 and never endure brownouts or downtime in communication again!

Now available on our online stores!

The Solaric PowerBOX is now available in our Shopee and Lazada stories for an easier checkout and nationwide shipping! Not to mention we are on our 11.11 month long sale!

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