Thinkpower Grid Tie Inverters 3.6kW to 5kW

  • 05/30/2017

Product Description

The Thinkpower 3600W and 5000W inverters come standard with dual MPPT trackers. This means you can have two arrays in your system facing different ways IE: East and West, or South and East. Pre-programmed to meet Philippine  ERC Net metering requirements. We have this in stock – color YELLOW. 5 years warranty – as always – Solaric has a NO- NONSENSE local warranty for the products we sell.

DOWNLOAD spec sheets here:

ThinkPower Dual Tracker MPPT Inverter
Thinkpower 5kw single MPPT inverter (if your solar panels are all facing one direction.)

  • EU conversion efficiencies of 97.1% ~ 97.3%.
  • Dual independent MPPT trackers with wide MPPT range.
  • Fanless design
  • Super Siletoperation <25dB(A).
  • Comes with Built-in WIFI as a standard for Web based PV system monitoring and reporting
  • High-grade aluminium alloy die-cast casing with high-efficiency cooling system.
  • Propietary DSP drive technology with advanced self-learning algorithms and 1 month back up parametric record.
  • World-class electronic components in all elements.
  • Sound-activated leading-edge BTN LCD display.
  • Leadingedge capacitor control with propietary MPPT tracking algorithms for high efficiency in all conditions.
  • Complete suite of protections including integrated over-voltage and instantaneous anti-islanding.
  • Innovative weak-light power generation with feed-in threshold 10W.
  • Weather-proof tool free plug-and-play connectors on AC and DC side.
  • WiFI interface from any WiFi enabled device grid output selection and system commissioning.
  • Multi-level TCP/IP based monitoring with fault-reportin remote troubleshoot and software update.
  • Simple plug-and-play install integrated security feature.