Thinkpower Grid Tie Inverters 1.5kW to 3kW

Product Description

Programmed to meet ERC’s Net Metering requirements. Many approved net meter installations in Meralco.

Available in color blue, in 1500W, 2200W and 3000W.

Download spec sheet here:

Thinkpower Single tracker spec sheet

Products Features

• EU conversion efficiencies of 97 % ~ 97.2%.
• Multi-string technology with wide MPPT voltage range.
• Built-in WIFI as standard web based PV System monitoring and reporting
• Silent operation <25dB(A).
• Without Fan cooling
• Leading-edge capacitor control with propietary MPPT tracking algorithms for high efficiency in all
• Complete suite of protections including integrated overvoltage and instantaneous anti-islanding.
• Innovative weak-light power generation with feed-in
• Complete suite of protections including integrated overvoltage and instantaneous anti-islanding.
• Innovative weak-light power generation with feed-in
Platform Build 360°Ease
• High-grade aluminium alloy die-cast casing with high-efficiency cooling system.• Weather-proof tool free plug-and-play connectors on AC and DC side.
• Propietary DSP drive technology with advanced self-learning algorithms and 1 month back-up parametricrecord.• WiFI interface from any WiFi enabled device grid output selection and system commissioning.
• World-class electronic components in all elements.• Multi-level TCP/IP based monitoring with fault-reportin remote troubleshoot and software update.
• Sound-activated leading-edge BTN LCD display.• Simple plug-and-play install integrated security feature.
Model NoT1500TLT2200TLT3000TL
DC side/Input parameters
Max. DC power [W]180025003400
Max. DC voltage [Vdc]450500550
Min. System start/Shut down voltage [Vdc]75/10075/10075/100
MPPT voltage range[Vdc]100~450100~500100~550
Max. input current [A]101315
Number of MPP trackers111
Strings per MPP tracker122
AC side/output parameters 
Nominal output power [W]150022003000
Maximum output power [W]165024203300
Nominal output voltage/range [V]208,220,230,
AC grid frequency/range [Hz]50,60/±4.5
Maximum output current [A]81216
AC connection(with PE)Single phaseSingle phaseSingle phase
Current distortion(THDi) [%]<1.5<1.5<1.5
Power factor [%]﹥99.9﹥99.9﹥99.9
Maximum conversion efficiency[%]97.397.497.5
European efficiency[%]9797.197.2
MPPT efficiency[%]99.999.999.9
DC reverse-polarity protectionyesyesyes
Short circuit protectionyesyesyes
Ground fault/residential current monitoringyesyesyes
Grid monitoringyesyesyes
DC/AC side varistors(thermally protected)yesyesyes
General Parameters
Weight(kg)14.5                             15                             15.6
Embedded DC SwitchOptional
Night Mode supportOptional
Night power consumption[W]< 0.2
Isolation typeTransformerless
Protection degreeIP65
Operation temperature[ºC]-25 ~ 60
Heat DissipationConvection
Acoustic noise level[dB]<25
Altitude[m]<2000 without power derating
Storage temperature[ºC]-30 ~ 80
Real Time Clock moduleyes
LCD DisplayGraphic and digital segment
Communication InterfaceStandard WiFi
Warranty: 5 years against manufacturer’s defects.