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As 2020 draws to a close, Solaric is looking to usher in more tech innovations this 2021 to help the Filipino people with the upcoming challenges. We certainly do not know what 2021 has in store for us, but we do know it is best to be ready just like boy scouts!

The might of a #PowerBOX

The might of a Powerbox

This product wowed even a group of hardcore campers it was tested on. When on vacation mode, we usually go to off-grid areas and commune with the great outdoors. However, we are now in the digital age, and no matter how far the escape, we still need something to charge our tablets, cellphones, drones, laptops and more. Occasionally, one of us will even drain out the car battery running a portable ref! And now here is the solution to all these problems – all in just one Box – the Solaric PowerBOX.

At Solaric, we absolutely hate brownouts wherever they may be – at home, office, on the road, campsite or anywhere. Being without electricity is putting yourself in danger in times of crisis. No power is no news, no lights and no communication. Our country, while blessed with abundant sunshine, also gets visited frequently by catastrophic typhoons. During our last pre-pandemic outing testing offgrid gear, our boss wanted something that can start a car, AND charge a drone, tablet, laptop, AND be portable enough for a child to carry. So we got busy and designed a customized portable Solaric PowerBOX. 

Size isn’t everything

It’s smaller than a tissue box, but this cube packs an airline-size-legal 99Whr battery to charge tablets, smart phones, other power banks with 5v USB and even laptops with its 220v AC inverter up to 100w. This is not a “one-charge-and-that’s-it” kind of powerbank. It’s a Solaric power bank equipped with a 20W folding solar panel so you can keep your stuff charged with the Sun. Yes, it’s also SOLAR. After all, Solaric is all about turning on the sun.

We generously sized the panel to effortlessly charge the onboard battery within a sunny day, and the high cranking LiPo battery can even start a diesel SUV engine. The solar panel can also charge a regular USB power bank or phone by itself with its onboard controller. You will NEVER AGAIN dread a car that won’t start, and you will NEVER AGAIN have to endure brutal brownouts. With the PowerBOX, you can enjoy life’s simple luxuries even when there’s no power – like fans and gadgets.

Available for 2021

Charging solarbox

You need true Solaric protection afforded by this little box that punches above its weight. It’s definitely a must-have in this uncertain world. This PowerBOX is for ALL – the non-engineers, the preppers, and everyone else who wants to light up their lives with tech.

Price is P8800 per unit with dealer discounts given for orders of ten or more. We are taking pre-orders now. Delivery is expected late January 2021. Yes, it is the all-essential gadget must-have of 2021!

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