Manila, Philippines – On May 28, 2019, Solaric Corp., the leader in solar rooftops and solar panels in the Philippines, collaborated with the German Chamber of Commerce and University of Makati (UMak) in a roundtable discussion at the Integration Room of UMak to develop and review the curriculum of UMak’s first-ever course for Solar Technicians. The course syllabus was jointly planned, discussed, and developed at UMak. The preparation for this technicians’ course for solar installers began in 2018, and it is nearing fruition and completion this year.

UMak is a public tertiary academic institution with 16 colleges and 3 academic centers catering to 17,000 students. One of the colleges, the College of Technology Management, is developing a program for solar technicians up to 100kW peak solar systems. Currently, TESDA training regulations for solar technicians are only for smaller sized systems such as 2kWp systems and below. UMak aims to develop an industry-wide acceptable training standard for solar technicians which can complement the current National Level Certification (NC) issued by TESDA.

As a major and globally recognized player in the solar industry, founder of Solaric and President Mike De Guzman was invited by Dr. Elyxzur Ramos, VP for Academics of UMak, to once again join the roundtable discussion. De Guzman is known for his solar advocacy, having trained over 5,000 individuals in his company’s trademark SOLAR101 and SOLAR202 courses in the last six years. This collaboration of industry leaders and experts aims to level up the current technicians and vocational programs in our country and to promote industry certification for qualified and deserving technicians.

Dr. Ramos emphasized, “Actually, we were also a pilot university of the K-12 educational system. We started grades 11 to 12 as early as 2012. Our goal is to ensure the employability of our graduates. There is a big demand for skilled workers. A career can be made if you are a very good technician.”

The pilot course will purportedly enable education in the renewable energy sector, which is currently a field and market in high demand.

De Guzman said, “The Philippines will have to add at least 800 Megawatts a year of solar generation, just so we don’t have to build additional coal plants. That equates to 120,000 homes and businesses with rooftop solar. To date, we only have a nationwide total of over 2,100 registered installations. If we want to reverse climate change, we have to make solar technologies attainable to everyday technicians and electrical practitioners. That needs formal vocational training like how they did it in Germany.”

Solar has been gaining traction in the RE sector around the world. In the Philippines, people still need to learn and become more aware and knowledgeable in the applications, implications, and effects of solar power and renewable energy. People must understand the basics, especially in terms of true capital and investment costs, and applications of solar solutions in smart and renewable energy projects. Though solar panels in the Philippines, has been growing in sales, as much more individuals are educating themselves about this fairly new technology.

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