Solar-Powered Crafts You Can Do with Your Kids This Summer

Solar-Powered Crafts You Can Do with Your Kids This Summer

What are solar-powered crafts you can do with your kids this summer?

  1. Solar light
  2. Solar oven
  3. Solar updraft tower


The relationship between the solar system and the Philippines is interesting, particularly during the months of March and April, when people experience a sudden rise in the temperature. It’s amazing how the Earth comes just a bit closer (relatively) to the Sun during these months, yet the effects on us humans are extremely palpable.

With that being said, the summer season is regarded as a time for vacations, when families or friends come together and go on beaches, resorts, and other tourist spots to make the most out of their summer breaks or simply to beat the heat.

However, some prefer to stay indoors with their families and just enjoy the summer together. Parents, especially, make the most of this time of the year when their kids aren’t at school for five days a week.

If you’re looking for activities you can do with your children while they’re on vacation, you’ve come to the right place—continue reading to find out about solar-powered crafts that you can do with your kids this summer so you could make the most out of the Sun and the summer break.

Solar Light


Solar Light

Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be if you were somehow able to acquire a small portion of the Sun’s light and use it as your own personal source of illumination? If you have, then there is good news for you: it’s completely possible and you can do it with your kids.


  • Mason jars
  • Solar path lights (be sure that they fit the top of the mason jars)
  • Etching cream


  1. Place the jar on a piece of cardboard or a covered table.
  2. With gloves on, thickly coat the outside of the jar with etching cream and leave it for 60 seconds.
  3. Wash the etching cream off.

After you have finished assembling, all that’s left is to leave it out in the sun for a full day to generate energy before you can finally use your very own solar light.


Solar Oven

The solar oven is perfect for parents and children who enjoy baking. While it isn’t as powerful as electric types, solar ovens are more fun to use and the process of building it is enjoyable just as well.


  • An empty pizza box
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • A paper plate


  1. Cut a flap in the top of the pizza box leaving a 2″ border on the sides and front.
  2. Wrap the bottom side of the flap and the interior side of the box with aluminum foil. Make sure that the shiny side is out and then tape in place.
  3. Cover the opening created by the flap with plastic wrap, then tape in place.
  4. Place food inside and leave under the sun to cook.

Solar ovens are a new way to make food and they won’t add to your electricity bill at all.

Solar Updraft Tower


Solar Updraft Tower

Solar updraft towers are powered by simple and easy-to-obtain materials as well as basic physics. Just imagine a vertical windmill and you’ll get the general idea.


  • 3 clean and empty tin cans (tops and bottoms removed)
  • Tape
  • An unbent paper clip
  • A thumbtack or a straight pin
  • A paper pinwheel
  • 2 books


  1. Stack the 3 tin cans together and tape the points where they meet.
  2. Tape the two ends of the paper clip on opposite sides of the top can, like an arch.
  3. Tape the thumbtack to the center of the arch, facing up.
  4. Place the stack of cans on top of two books with a space in between.
  5. Place the paper pinwheel on the center of the thumbtack.
  6. Place under the sun.

What happens next will amaze you. You will see the pinwheel spin—this is because the sunlight heats the inside of the cans and creates a convective updraft. This will teach your kids that solar power and physics are awesome!


Key Takeaway

Solar power isn’t a complicated concept and there’s no better way to explain it to your kids than doing solar powered DIY crafts which are easy to make with them. With just basic materials and some sunlight, you can have fun with your children this summer, while learning with them at the same time.


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