Here’s Why Schools Should Invest in Solar Panels

Here's Why Schools Should Invest in Solar Panels

Why schools should invest in solar panels today?

  1. Fight electricity cuts efficiently
  2. Zero monthly bill
  3. More sustainable and eco-friendly schools
  4. Low  maintenance charges
  5. Get more students to enroll


For Filipinos, solar panels are beneficial for both commercial and residential uses. Many have these installed to reap its many benefits like lowering the electricity bills, adding value to the property, and creating a more sustainable home. The same thing can be experienced when installing solar panels for schools and universities. This article discusses why schools in the Philippines should invest in solar panels. Continue reading.


Fight Electricity Cuts Efficiently

In the Philippines, not many are surprised when the daily routine is disrupted by a power outage. However, it still frustrates many teachers and students since many of them today rely on technology like projectors, laptops, and smart boards during class. Power outages may also cause delays in many school activities, putting off their schedule of weekly tasks.

Fortunately, with solar panel installation, your schools can get steady and reliable power all day long — thanks to the energy of the sun and solar panels! These don’t require connection to electricity cables, so in times of a power outage, you will find yourselves unaffected, carrying on with your classroom lectures and activities.


Zero Monthly Bill

If you rely solely on the grid, running a school means incurring large monthly electricity bills. Everything requires power, from fans and lights to printers to computers, and so on. However, if you choose solar energy for schools, this cost can be drastically reduced.

Schools typically have large roof areas in the Philippines, making it simple to install solar panels. These are great investments to make since the school will reap its benefits over time.

As a result, you will save significantly over time. With our solar panels, you can power all of your school’s daily activities and even store excess energy to sell back to the grid.


More Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Schools

Solar panels for schools help in reducing pollution and carbon footprint which are two of the causes of climate change in our country. Installing these help your school become more sustainable and less reliant on the grid and non-renewable resources.

With the climate in the Philippines, it will be no problem getting enough sunlight daily to power up the campus. With these efforts, a school can also engrave in their student’s minds the importance of sustainable solutions.


Low  Maintenance Charges

Low Maintenance Charges

One of the reasons why solar panels are a good investment is the low cost of maintenance. Once the panels are installed, the school only needs to create a regular maintenance cleaning schedule for them. This only involves wiping and cleaning off any debris and dirt on the panels.

Solaric’s solar panels are designed to be durable and robust enough to withstand drastic temperature changes, heavy showers, and natural disasters. These panels could last two or more decades, especially if your school is not often affected by storms and strong winds.


Get More Students To Enroll

Nowadays, more families consider the sustainability goals of schools before enrolling their students for the academic year. The installation of solar panels becomes concrete evidence of the school’s sustainable efforts. This shows potential enrollees and your current students how much the entire school values efforts made towards a greener environment.

Through this installation, a school can even expand its influence by teaching its students about its importance. This can expand to talks about the environment, climate change, and the effect of carbon emissions, pollution, and greenhouse gases. It can easily be incorporated into science lessons, school-wide activities, seminars, and even outreach programs.

By doing so, the school creates an entire community of teachers, parents, and students who work towards an eco-friendly community in school and in their homes.


Key Takeaway

In conclusion, setting upsolar panels for schools allows them to reap its many benefits while achieving their own sustainability goals. By turning on the sun, schools in the Philippines can finally experience an uninterrupted power supply and enjoy a good quality of power that helps them sustain their knowledge. The schools won’t need to rely on the grid, giving them zero electricity bills and a well-informed community of teachers, students, and parents.

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