As we bid adieu to that wretched year of 2020, there was one thing our clients were really thankful for: having Solaric on their roof. Regardless of ECQ, MECQ, or GCQ, the sun provided dependable bill-crushing energy day in and day out. Summing up 2020, we started off with Taal volcano raining ashfall pandemonium, only to be cranked up by a factor of 100x with a once-in-a-century Pandemic, its ensuing economic devastation, and even mental health issues caused by the stresses of uncertainties.

For months, we have been cowering in our homes, dreading an unseen and indiscriminate virus, but at least it taught us to revel in gratitude and happiness of living simpler lives – which includes Plantitos and Plantitas, or the best creator of sushi bake.

Throughout the darkest days, we chose to keep our doors open. We housed our roof installers in our secure barracks and made sure everybody had sacks of rice, gallons of alcohol (the sanitizer type), and support to survive the pandemic storm. We believe the darkest days have passed, and we are now seeing the glimmering sunlight of the new year.

A Fresh Start For Solar Energy

A Fresh Start For Solar Energy

This 2021, we are counting on vaccination becoming an attainable reality, and universally reachable in all corners of our country like the Sun.

Maybe things will be different. Maybe we have to jog with face masks. Public transport may be forever altered. Maybe WFH or homeschool may become the norm. Maybe Zoom permanently replaced the usual in-person meetings.

From an Energy Provider perspective, there may be less power delivered to offices, malls, and schools – but the power has been diverted to homes instead. Your home is your fortress in these unsure times. Our clients who got solar now want more – to deal with the much greater demands, and upon the realization that their investment in Solar power was one of the smartest big ticket items they ever spent on. Our average installation size has grown to accommodate the growing demands of homes that have been transformed to home offices, virtual schools, and bakeshops (for all the Martha Stewarts).

How Solar Can Help You

How Solar Can Help You

What we do with great certainty is reduce your electric bills and in some cases, take it away completely by going carbon negative. Negative is good these days when it comes to certain tests, and we at times can make it happen even to electric bills. Simply produce more electricity than you consume and send back the excess electricity via Net Metering to the power grid, like a personally owned private power plant.

A single solar panel installed by Solaric has the power bill numbing capability of P500 a month. Imagine what 20 or 40 solar panels on your roof can do. Our prices are amazing only to be out-classed by our after sales service. With Solar, you Save Money AND you Save the Environment.

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