International Tips for Solar Panel Users in the Philippines

International Tips for Solar Panel Users in the Philippines

What international tips solar panel users in the Philippines could utilize and apply in their own soil?

  1. Perform maintenance measures to prolong your solar panel life.
  2. Learn from the mistakes made by foreign administrations.


Without a doubt, solar energy has become a well utilized source of power through the decades.

Solar panel prices in the Philippines have seen several fluctuations based on the varying market dynamics. Today, it is admittedly more affordable. Thus, the number of Filipino households utilizing them has increased.

Admittedly, most of them are still in the process of familiarizing themselves with the technology. The progress is there, although it is slow moving.

If you are one of these people, who are working hard to incorporate the power of the sun to your household or local business, do not fret. Our friends from the across the ocean have a few tips to share with us. Here are some of them now:

Prolong Your Solar Panel’s Life with These Maintenance Measures

Prolong Your Solar Panel’s Life with These Maintenance Measures

Spending your hard earned cash on solar panels priced in the Philippines is a smart investment. To make it even more worthwhile, it is important for solar panel users to take care of them in order to prolong their life span. A few tips you could follow on how to do just that are:

Keep track of them every once in a while.

You could do this by documenting and jotting down notes of their performance. This is one way of ensuring you are getting all you can get from this investment. For example, be sure that it is getting enough sunlight, instead of shade from your neighbor’s trees.

Clean your solar panels.

Cleaning your solar panels can surely make sure they will last long. All you have to do is hose down gently all the dirt or muck you find stuck on it. Or if you want to wipe it down, you could get a really soft cloth so you do not do any damage to its glass.

Learn from the Mistakes Made by Others

Learn from the Mistakes Made by Others

The Philippine Government has a huge responsibility to lead their people towards a brighter future—towards using solar energy. Currently, it is taking measures to do just this. Unfortunately, not all administrations across the world are doing these actions; and the Philippines must do all they can to avoid such mistakes. A few examples of these are the following:

  • Texas has restricted its government in supporting solar energy.
  • Virginia is also notorious for stalling the development of solar energy.
  • Oklahoma imposes extra tax on solar users, preventing and discouraging them from using solar energy in their homes and establishments.
  • Arizona charges an extra $50 to solar users for their utility usage.
  • North Carolina has completely banned solar farms on the state’s premises.

In order to ensure we are making the most out of our endeavors to advance solar energy, we need to learn from these hindrances and don’t make the same moves.


Key Takeaway

The Philippines has a long way to go when it comes to utilizing solar energy. However, we are taking small but important steps to get where the other countries stand—countries that are at the forefront of this movement. By following all the tips mentioned above, we will slowly but surely reach that goal someday.


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