6 Ways to Lower Your Meralco Bill at Home

6 Ways to Lower Your Meralco Bill at Home

How can you lower your Meralco bill at home?

  1. Get an energy audit
  2. Develop energy-saving habits
  3. Invest in solar power
  4. Unplug electronics and appliances
  5. Switch to LED lightning
  6. Switch to inverter appliances


  • Electricity consumption in the Philippines has been increasing due to demographic, economic, and technological factors.
  • Getting an energy audit from Meralco to identify energy-saving opportunities and receive advice on energy efficiency.
  • Develop energy-saving habits, including unplugging devices, improving insulation, and mindful electricity use. Invest in eco-friendly solar panels, unplug electronics to save energy, switch to efficient LED lighting, and opt for inverter appliances.

Electricity consumption in the Philippines has witnessed substantial growth in recent years, driven by a combination of demographic, economic, and technological factors.

In 2023, according to the Independent Electricity Market Operator Philippines (IEMOP), Luzon saw a 6% rise in electricity demand, and both Mindanao and Visayas had a 10% increase. This higher demand is linked to increasing temperatures due to climate change.

However, there are many ways to lower your electricity bill. In this article, we will explore the different ways how to lower your Meralco bill, ensuring that you adapt to a more affordable and sustainable lifestyle while providing peace of mind.

Get an Energy Audit

Get an Energy Audit

If you’re unsure of what light source, appliance, or gadget consumes the highest percentage of electricity at your home, it is best to get an energy audit.

Meralco provides a thorough energy audit to pinpoint energy-saving possibilities. They also offer advice on energy efficiency, including load factor and power factor enhancement, addressing all your electricity-related questions.

Develop Energy-Saving Habits

Filipinos may have habits that raise electricity usage, like leaving chargers plugged in or keeping fans on in unoccupied rooms. These overlooked habits can drive up your electricity bill.

To reduce your monthly Meralco electricity bill, pay attention to these habits. Improve insulation by sealing doors and windows when using air conditioning. Practice energy-saving by unplugging unused electric appliances. These small actions can lead to significant savings over the year.

Invest in Solar Power

Invest in Solar Power

Did you know that investing in one solar panel can take 400 pesos off your monthly electricity bill?

Solar panel systems can cut your monthly electricity usage by 35% to 75%. This reflects the significant benefits of investing in solar power. More than this, solar power is environmentally friendly, as traditional electricity production involves burning fossil fuels and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, driving global warming.

Investing in solar power is a smart, long-term choice. While it may seem expensive, a 630Wp Grid Tied solar panel costs around 60,000 PHP. If you stay in your property for the long run, it pays off. With monthly savings of 800 pesos, you’ll recoup your 60,000 PHP investment in 6.25 years.

Unplug Electronics and Appliances

Unplugging electronics and appliances is a smart way to reduce your electricity bill. Many of these devices consume power even when turned off, known as standby power consumption. By unplugging them when not in use, you prevent this energy drain and make the most of your electricity while avoiding unnecessary waste.

Adopting this practice serves as a proactive measure to protect against potential dangers. Leaving appliances and devices plugged in can lead to issues like fire hazards and electric shock, which can pose significant risks to you and your family.

Switch to LED Lightning

Making the switch to LED light bulbs from their fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent counterparts is also one way how to lower your Meralco bill. Comparing LEDs to incandescent light bulbs, on average, provides an 80% reduction in energy use.

Investing in LED lighting is a sustainable, long-term choice. Although LEDs might have a higher upfront cost than other lighting options, the energy savings will quickly make up for it. Depending on daily use, an LED light can last for decades, far outlasting less efficient alternatives.

Switch to Inverter Appliances

Inverter appliances, such as air conditioners and refrigerators, utilize Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology to enhance energy efficiency. VFDs enable precise motor speed adjustments, making inverter appliances a cost-effective solution for reducing electricity consumption.

For example, inverter air conditioners adjust their compressor speed in real time, consuming less energy when cooling a room near the desired temperature. This adaptability ensures stable temperatures and long-term savings, making them an environmentally conscious and economical choice.

Key Takeaway

The rising demand for electricity in the Philippines is a serious concern, and it’s crucial to take action to reduce our energy usage.

The strategies discussed in this article offer practical solutions to lower your Meralco bill while promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle in terms of electricity consumption.

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