How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In The Philippines?

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In The Philippines?How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In The Philippines?

How much do solar panels cost in the Philippines?

  1. 1.6 kWp Grid Tied Solar
  2. 3.2 kWp Grid Tie Solar
  3. 5.6 kWp Grid Tie Solar

If more homeowners and business owners in the country become aware of the various benefits of availing solar installation services, we would not need to rely on expensive,  traditional energy sources. Our carbon dioxide emissions resulting from energy use would reduce drastically and we would be directly responsible for a more energy-efficient and healthier planet. 

Solar panel setups in the Philippines protect the planet, save money on electric bills, and help users profit. Nonetheless, there are several upfront costs to consider when installing solar panel systems. Now you might be thinking: how much do solar panels cost in the Philippines? 

In this blog, we’ll specify the average prices of Solaric’s solar panels and the factors affecting the cost of solar panels. Continue reading below. 


Solar Panels Cost In The Philippines

Solar Panels Cost In The Philippines

Purchasing solar panels is an important long-term decision. You should have an idea about solar prices in the Philippines to get the best value for your money. At Solaric, here are the average solar panel installation costs: 


1.6 kWp Grid Tied Solar

Solaric’s 1.6 kWp Grid Tied Solar is suitable for households with an average monthly electricity bill of Php 12,000. So, if there are one to two refrigerators and an air conditioning system running in your house, this is the right solution that you’re looking for. The estimated price of our solar panel installation for 1.6 kWp Grid Tied starts at Php 108,000.


3.2 kWp Grid Tie Solar

For households with multiple refrigerators, air conditioning systems, and a pool pump running at the same time, the perfect solar for your household is our 3.2 kWp Grid Tie with an average cost of Php 183,000. It covers those households with an average monthly electricity bill of Php 15,000. 


5.6 kWp Grid Tie Solar

Households with an average monthly electricity bill of Php 20,000 should choose our 5.6 kWp Grid Tie Solar as their solar home solution. This solar panel is ideal for households with heavy consumption of home appliances such as vacuums, washing machines, air conditioning systems, and refrigerators during the daytime. The estimated cost of our 5.6 kWp Grid Tie Solar starts at Php 270,000.

Our solar panels are one of the most affordable solar panel systems in the Philippines. You can choose the right solar panel for your household by computing your average electric consumption for the past three months. 

The good news is that the cost of solar panels is continuously decreasing year after year because of better manufacturing costs, less labor, government solar incentives, and lower installation costs. All these savings are ultimately passed on to the end consumer. 

Factors that Affect Solar Panel Cost

Remember that solar panel costs are also affected by various factors: 

Roof Features

The features of your roof such as the materials they’re made of, structure, and condition affect the solar panel installation cost. Check the features of your roof to make sure that it can withstand the weight of solar panels. This is because some roof features can’t hold the weight of solar panels.

Solar Panel Size

It takes extensive planning to install solar panels on your rooftop. When the solar panel’s size is bigger, you can expect that the solar panel cost can increase. 

Also, the size of the solar panel will depend on your average monthly electricity consumption. It’s ideal to get the most cost savings by checking your monthly bill to get the correct solar panel size you need for your energy consumption. 

Weather And Shading

The environment where your solar panels would be installed is very critical to consider. The weather and shading surrounding your rooftop will greatly impact the number of solar panels needed. That’s why make sure that your location is exposed to the full sun. 

Solaric is the leader in rooftop solar

Solaric has established its name across the renewable industry as a proven and reputable rooftop solar leader. Backed by decades of experience, Solaric has installed more than 50% of residential rooftop solar in the Philippines and has delivered significant cost reductions in electricity expenses, as well as milestone contributions to a cleaner, greener, and renewable future. We want every Filipino to enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable power. Welcome to the new generation of solar and turning on the sun.

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Key Takeaway

The power of the sun gives valuable benefits to humans and the environment. That’s why opting for solar panels as your energy source in your household or facilities can add value to your property or business.

Now that you know how much a solar panel costs, click here to learn about the best solar panel brand in the Philippines: Solaric! You can send Solaric a message here today, or give us a call at 5040092 or 09178603141 or 09083775577, email or visit We will gladly explain to you how the system works, or schedule a survey so we can give you options for your new home or existing homes or businesses.

With the guaranteed solid financial return, there’s no doubt that everyone should take advantage of the renewable opportunities in the Philippines today. 


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