Where to Put Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Where to Put Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Where to put ground-mounted solar panels?

  1. Areas that Receive A Good Amount of Sunlight
  2. Area with Lots of Available Space
  3. Flat Ground
  4. A Location in Compliance with Local Zoning Laws
  5. Location Where You Can Cost Less


The best method to lower your energy expenditures and carbon impact is to install a solar panel system on your property. These are usually installed on rooftops, however, facilities can consider ground-mounted solar panels especially if the land is spacious.  By installing a more extensive system, you’ll be able to produce more power and more effectively to satisfy your needs.

But before you decide on what solar panel to buy, choosing where to put the solar panels is essential to consider first especially when installing it on the ground. There are still a few essential things to take into account before deciding where to install them. We provided lists for you to consider in choosing a location for your solar panels. Keep reading to learn more.


Areas that Receive A Good Amount of Sunlight

When choosing where to install ground-mounted solar panels, the amount of sunlight an area receives should be considered. Remember that solar panels can generate more electricity when constantly exposed to sunlight. That’s why the panels should ideally be installed in a location that receives direct sunlight for most of the day.

Since the Philippines is located in the northern hemisphere, it’s ideal for panels to be positioned toward the south. The great advantage of ground-mounted solar panels is that you have more control over the direction and angle of your solar panels. Because of this benefit, ground-mounted solar panels frequently receive more sunlight and can produce more solar energy, which can help you save more money.


Area with Lots of Available Space

The available area should be considered when deciding where to place ground-mounted solar panels. You must ensure that you have adequate space to install the number of panels you desire, as well as space for upkeep and repair. The space should also be flat ground clear from obstacles that obscure light from the sun such as trees and buildings.


Flat Ground

Many homes choose to install their solar panel on the roof, however, it may sometimes be a problem especially when it clashes with the design. So, when you have the available space, why not choose to install these on the ground instead?


A Location in Compliance with Local Zoning Laws

Before beginning your solar panel installation, make yourself aware of local zoning laws. This helps in determining where you can set up the solar panel system. Remember that your property is subject to any limitations, so you should verify with your local authorities. Make sure that you comply with any local rules that may apply to your solar panels’ size and placement.

In the Philippines, this is determined at the city / municipality level. These are regulated by the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board. So, make sure to check with the proper authorities before proceeding with the installation.


Location Where You Can Cost Less

You should consider how much it will cost to put solar panels on your home in various locations. While placing the panels closer to your home may be more practical, it can also be more expensive. On the other hand, positioning the panels in a less convenient location can end up saving you money over time.

Ground-mounted solar panel installation is often more expensive than rooftop installation and requires much more time and effort. However, if your ground-mounted system can also generate more energy, this additional expense will eventually be made up. This is why it’s crucial to thoroughly consider all the variables and pick the location that makes the most sense for your particular circumstance.


Key Takeaway

When choosing where you’re going to install your solar panels, consider using ground-mounted solar panels. They offer numerous benefits that let your solar panels operate at optimal levels. A ground-mounted system might be worth it if you have a large property with energy usage.

By taking the time to carefully evaluate where to install ground-mounted solar panels, you can ensure that your solar panel system is installed in the best possible location for your property and that it will generate the most electricity possible.

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