How Does Going Solar Battle Climate Change?

How Does Going Solar Battle Climate Change

How does going solar battle climate change today?

  1. Countries will become less dependent on fossil fuel-generated energy.
  2. Solar energy does not produce gas emissions to generate electricity.
  3. It’s a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.
  4. Converting to solar energy gives benefits to our environment as well.


A growing number of Filipino households and establishments have installed solar panels to help reduce their energy costs. Generating solar panels on their rooftops helps them to save more money and rely more on the power grid. It also prevents them from depending too much on fossil fuels for electricity generation, as our country is highly dependent on them, despite coal burning being the primary cause of greenhouse gas emissions.

At Solaric, we believe in reducing the catastrophic effect of climate change by going solar. Here’s how going solar for climate change helps the environment.


Countries will become less dependent on fossil fuel-generated energy.

Fossil fuels are known as a non-renewable source of energy. Energy is generated in this way by burning fossil fuels. Coal is often used at a faster rate, and it cannot be regrown. Today, there’s an increased demand for fossil fuel production which is difficult to meet.

However, the continuous usage of fossil fuels is the primary cause of air pollution. Unfortunately, this has contributed to climate change. Since they are a non-renewable resource, coal makes the environment more acidic, leading to unpredictable and harmful changes in our environment. Not only does it affect our climate but also causes serious diseases such as black lung disease, which is dangerous to our health, especially for miners who are exposed when digging up fossil fuels.

That’s why Solaric is committed to urging Filipino homeowners and business owners to go for solar as it radically helps to fight the harmful effects of fossil fuels, such as climate change and global warming.


Solar energy does not produce gas emissions to generate electricity.

Solar energy does not produce gas emissions to generate electricity.

Moreover, the sun never runs out of energy that we need, unlike fossil fuels. The main challenge with solar power is whether we harness it in a cost-effective manner or not, and still rely on fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gasses and cause climate change.

However, you can reap the benefits of using solar power by installing our solar panels to turn on your electricity. We guarantee you that Solaric’s solar panels release clean energy, and each is priced at an affordable rate. You can also expect that you’ll receive a monthly #ZeroBill compared to other forms of power generation today. Here, fossil fuels aren’t required, which means you can enjoy solar power without contributing to gas emissions brought about by consuming coal.


It’s a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

Third, going solar for climate change is the most sustainable alternative we can use to avoid using fossil fuels. Even though fossil fuels expire faster, they are still dangerous, both to our climate and health. On the other hand, the world’s ball of sunshine is likely to be around for a few billion years, which is why solar power is the solution to clean energy in the future. It also helps to decarbonize our environment, which helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions and lowers the output of greenhouse gases, too.

As we all know, the sun gives off far more energy than we need to power everything around us. Here at Solaric, we have a pool of experts with great experience in producing solar power through our solar panels. Thus, the conditions of our solar panels are promising. That’s why we are the leading solar panel provider in the Philippines and chosen by thousands of Filipinos across regions.


Converting to solar energy gives benefits to our environment as well.

Besides the absence of coal burning, going solar also helps to reduce water usage because this type of power supply has photovoltaic (PV) solar cells that do not require any water to generate electricity.

What’s more, if we produce the world’s annual electricity using solar panels, the CO2 emissions could possibly be reduced to less than 1 billion tonnes, which would be a difference of 22 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide that would not affect the air or cause climate change.

Possibly, the figure may even drop to zero in the future. That’s why using our solar panels to fight climate change significantly helps our environment that’s in dire need of eco-friendly solutions against fossil fuels and other harmful gasses we often use.


Key Takeaway

In conclusion, going solar for climate change does not only give us an advantage for our health but also for our environment. It might be a little step for others, but every great impact starts from a small movement. Indeed, solar panels can also lower energy prices for years to come.

If you’re interested in finally making the switch to solar energy for you and your family, do so with Solaric’s experts! Trust the best solar panel brand in the Philippines today. If you have further questions about our solar panels, you can check out our FAQ section and read the questions most people ask us.

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