Solar Panel Price Philippines: Costs that You Have to Include when You Go Solar

Solar Panel Price Philippines: Costs that You Have to Include when You Go Solar

What are the costs you need to consider if you want to go solar?

  • The cost of solar panels
  • Installation fees
  • The cost of roof maintenance
  • The cost of connecting them to the power grids
  • Electricity costs


In a world where going green is the growing trend, solar energy aims to become the next great energy source that would power the future. Along with other renewable energy sources such as natural gas, wind power, hydroelectric power, and geothermal energy, solar energy is a green phenomenon that is spreading throughout the world.

Other than being very efficient and effective, solar energy is also now more affordable than ever before. In fact, the solar panel price in the Philippines is at its lowest today, which means it is possible to go solar in your own home. While going solar is a very effective investment, it is best to make sure that you have all the important costs calculated as well.

Here are some of the costs that you have to include when you go solar:

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Starting off are the solar panels themselves. The cost depends on how many panels you would like to install in your home or business. As usual, purchasing more solar panels for sale in the Philippines would mean spending more, but since this would help give you a more efficient energy source, then this is one investment that would work in the long term.


Installation Fee

One of the things that you need to do after purchasing the solar panels is having them installed on your roof. The installation fee depends on the size of the solar panel, which means the more solar panels you get, the higher the installation cost.

Installation is a process that requires precision and good positioning, meaning you wouldn’t be wasting the money that you are paying.



Before installing some solar panels on your roof, it is best to check if your roof can handle all the weight that would be put on it. Should there be issues with your roof, it is best to have it fixed and ready for the solar panels. This can also double as house maintenance as well, as you have new roofing to go along with your solar panels.



After having your solar panels installed on your roof, it is now time to connect them to your main power grid. Connecting them to your power grid requires the right personnel and equipment, which means you have to hire some skilled electricians to do the job. This makes sure that the integration of the solar panels in your home would be seamless and smooth.

Electric Bill

Electric Bill

While this may be something that you would be paying regularly even before having solar panels, you would be able to notice how much solar power would help you save energy costs by a significant percentage. Solar energy helps you save more electricity by being able to generate your own through solar energy. This helps lower your electricity costs, and help you save more money in the long run.


Key Takeaway

Solar panels are the most affordable renewable energy source around, which means you would be able to save more energy costs in the long run. Although it might look like you are spending too much on installing and purchasing the solar panels themselves, it is an investment that would surely be worth it.


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