Question: Why do I have to tell you what I run during the day and my monthly bill to get a quote?

Answer: Our philosophy is that our solar has to give you maximum benefits and financial returns and for that we would need to know how you use electricity or any future needs

We custom build your personal SOLARIC power plant that will match your daytime loads closely as this brings you the most return on investment, under 5 years in most cases. Putting appropriate amounts of solar during its time of use gives the fastest return as power storage requirements aren’t needed, powering loads at night is twice as difficult because you will either rely on batteries (power storage not cost effective if aircons are involved) or Net metering credits ( utility credits you on generation charge rate so it takes more power to offset evening use). Secondly we also ask secondary concerns such as importance of backup power for your home and any special conditions, IE :Elderly parent who needs vital medical equipment on, Koi fish who will die in a prolonged outage etc.

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